Model Y seven plates selection third row seat configuration details exposure

Recently, Tesla exposed the detailed configuration information of Model Y or the third row of seats in the US official website. We found that the consumer will also obtain the second row of seats before and after adjustment. , The third row of USB-C charge interface, third row electric folding, and easy access function, as for the third row, there will be seat heating, and we have not found clues.

On Tesla US official website, Model Y third-row seat option price is $ 3,000 (approximately RMB 19420), 2-5 weeks You can implement it. However, it is not supported in China, and the official has not given a definite online time and price publicity.

Since MODEL Y on January 1, 2021, the car has gained a good market response in China. The only long-range full-wheel drive version is started from January, but now the order is required to wait until the second quarter can pick up the car. Under the stimulation of powerful demand, Tesla may first export a single model to ensure production, while the three-seat version of the model or time is still available in China.

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