Modely prices announced, 蔚 来 EC6 car owners transfer orders, is it so unbearable?

Recently, Tesra Model’s domestic version of the model is announced, and the price is 339,900 yuan. After the price is announced, it quickly leads to the market. The pure electric car of the new power company has felt that the pressure hill is big. And the most pressure is not aware of the car, because the car is high-ended, the price is mostly around 350,000. For example, the starting price of 蔚 来 ES6 is 358,000 yuan, and the start price of the EC6 is 368 million yuan. Faced with Tesla modely, 339,900 yuan. Obviously, the price is not much advantage.

Recently, if you look at the forum of the EC6, you will find a lot of information on the order, on the one hand, some already bought it. The car has not carried out the car main transfer order. On the other hand, some don’t like Tesla, I want to buy a car for the car to buy orders at the main low price. These two situations are in the forum, and it is good for a moment.

But I think Tesla Modely is the charm, let the user resolutely give up orders? Is it so unbearable?

Price, Retail, Model does have advantages

Tesla Model Y is indeed advantageous in terms of price and battery life We can find some differences in models with Model Y 339,900 models, and 430km movie version of Wei to EC6.

The first is at the price, both of which are approximately 28,100 yuan. If it is used to charge when doing electricity, it can be used for several years.

In the battery, the Model Y battery is 77kWh, and the EC6 is 70KWH, which looks not very big. However, in terms of battery life, the endless mileage given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 594 kilometers, and the EC6 is 430km. It can be seen that the optimization of Tesla Model Y is better in terms of electricity consumption in addition to the size of the battery.


In terms of configuration, people have not thought that Tesla Model Y remains, such as Tesla Model Y is a lane holding function. There is an ACC adaptive cruise function, there is a steering wheel heating, a steering wheel memory, a second row of seat heating, a medium control screen size of 15 inches, and 15 speakers of the whole car.

However, the EC6 has a suspension hard and hard adjustment, but there is no ACC adaptive cruise, no steering wheel heating, the medium control screen size is 11.3 inches. If the user wants to select an ACC adaptive cruise, you need to add 15,000 yuan, and select the NIO Pilot selection package. If you want to have a steering wheel heating, you need to choose to enjoy the package, the price is 5,000 yuan. From this perspective, in the configuration, the 蔚 来 EC6 does not take much cheap.

Tesra Model Y has a longer battery life, there is a higher configuration in smart driving, no wonder the user will have unsubscribe EC6.

Is it a way to be EC6? In fact, it is actually. First of all, Wei came to EC6 with a larger body body, provided for 3 years, 120,000 kilometers, the first car owner is not limited, and the mileage is warranty, this is Tesla Model Y does not have of.

In addition, Wei Si EC6 is standard with 360 panoramic images, this is not available. The whole system has the hard adjustment of the suspension, and the comfort of the suspension is higher. The whole system has an electric rear alias. In terms of the material of the seat, the mashup of the leather and fabric is used. Bitsra’s imitation material is more advanced.

The third advantage is to provide a richer option configuration, which can be exchanged, and there is a better owner service, which is also Teslabit.

So even the founder Li Bin, the founder Li Bin, also said that the position of Tesla and the proposition is different. Tesla wants to make the public and Ford, and the car is to do BBA. It will provide users with more advanced things to users in the future.. And Tesla is constantly developing in a lower cost, cheaper direction. So I think that users who are relatively sensitive, choose Tesla is not wrong, and if you want to get better service throughout the car cycle, it is also a good choice for EC6.

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