Modern Elantra N Official Trailer figure exposure in 2021 listed

Recently, Hyundai Elantra N TCR announced its version of the official figure and promotional video at the end of the video, it was an non-track version of the Elantra N figure. Overseas media had also exposed Elantra N spy, which covers a large group of spy camouflage, but still can be seen from the general outline of the shadow Elantra N TCR. It is reported that the new car is expected to debut later this year, and was listed in 2021.

[Elantra N Official Trailer video shots]

[Elantra N TCR]

[ 123]

[Elantra N spy]

[Elantra N spy]

face shape viewed from the front, because the camouflage reason, we do not know Elantra N grille exact shape and size, but from inside the fill style look, with a new car like the seventh generation Elantra. In addition, the front face of the new car lines, headlight lanterns profile, on both sides of the lower air intakes are quite sharp styling, highlights the vehicle’s fashionable.

[Elantra N spy]

[Elantra N spy]

from the body the side, the car uses a streamlined design, rather fastback style. Three-dimensional rear styling is very obvious, concave tailgate door design adds a sense of the overall shape of the new car. Taillight looks quite narrow. New tail spoiler though not so much the size of the track version, but still compelling, with a total of two bilateral exhaust port, so that the vehicle looks very movement.

At present, Hyundai Motor official did not disclose information about the car’s power, foreign media speculation that the car will reach a maximum power of 279 horsepower, matching 6-speed manual or 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Above guess is quite tricky, because the positioning of lower than Elantra N Elantra N Line 1.6T mounted engine, the maximum power of 203 horsepower and a maximum torque of 265 Nm, and 6-speed manual matching 7Speed ​​dual-clutch gearbox. Positioned higher than the Elantra N Elantra N TCR Although dynamic parameters unknown, but according to the requirements TCR event, which can not exceed the maximum power of 350 hp.

Civic Type R and Golf R are representative of the world non-luxury brand of high-performance cars, but the Elantra N sedan body and above had a significant difference between the two cars, avoid competition to some extent, had manufacturers say this is a more intelligent choice.

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