Modern Ioniq 5 fast charge test, SOC 20% -80% average charge power 170 kW

In February this year, modern car new pure electric vehicle type Ioniq5 completed the world’s first show. In this year’s 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, modern cars also brought IoniQ5 to the venue completed China’s first show.

IoniQ5 is the first model based on modern automotive modular platform E-GMP, which is positioned as pure electric medium SUV. IoniQ5’s battery life can reach 600 kilometers, the maximum power of the system is 225 kW, the peak torque is 605 Nm, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 5.2 seconds.

Ioniq5 supports 400 / 800V high-voltage fast charge, and the official claims that only 30 percentage of battery capacity is only 14 minutes. Can IoniQ5 actual charging efficiency meet the level of official claims?

Recently, overseas media insideevs conducted IoniQ5 fast charge tests, and the IoniQ5 battery capacity of test was 72.6 kWh, and the test range is a battery SOC 6 percent -100 percentage.

The maximum power of charging piles used in this charging test reached 350 kilowatts. The peak charging power of IoniQ5 reached 225 kilowatts, and the average power of SOC 20 percent -80 percentage was 170 kW.

When the IoniQ5 battery SOC reaches 50 percentage, the power begins to fall and fluctuates, but the charging power is maintained at 160 kilowatts for a long time until the SOC arrives at 80% below 100 kW below.

It is worth noting that Ioniq5 is charged in the trickle charging of the charge of the charging, and the charging power is still 28 kW. This figure is still quite high.

According to the measurement, IoniQ5 battery SOC 20% -80 percent charging time is only 15 minutes, which is more than 14 minutes by the official claimed SOC 30% -80 percentage be quick. According to statistics, IoniQ5 can add 18.8 kilometers of WLTP endless miles per minute, which can be said to be charged.Electrical efficiency is quite eye-catching.

Currently, pure electric cars not only pursue stacked battery capacity, and many models have begun to pay attention to fast charge efficiency. In fact, the improvement of charging efficiency can be more direct to improve the long-distance travel ability of pure electric vehicles. After all, “a pot of electricity” is exhausted, charging is faster to run farther.

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