Modern Ioniq 5 first show opened the new era of environmentally friendly electric travel

Author Xun network report ] February 23, 2021, modern car pure electric medium Cuvioniq (氪) 5 global online first show officially kicked off. As the first mass production model of modern car electric vehicle exclusive brand Ioniq (氪 氪), Ioniq (氪) 5 established a new benchmark for sustainable development and innovation, redefined environmentally friendly electric travel lifestyle.

Modern car Ioniq (Aii 氪) 5 Global first show

Ioniq (氪) 5 Based on Modern Motor Group Electric Vehicle Special Platform E- The GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform, Electric Global Module Platform) is built, with many exclusive advantages, such as the unique body proportion of longer-wheelbases, and use environmentally friendly materials in innovative interior design, strong and environmentally friendly. Excellent performance and super high-speed charging function and vehicle external power supply (V2L), advanced Internet technology and automatic driving assistance, the ultimate vehicle experience and safety performance.

LDQUO; Ioniq (氪) 5 will break through inherently restricted, adapt to different lifestyle, and fully meet the diversification needs of users. RDQUO; Vice President, Executive Vice President of Modern Automobile Group, said ldquo; through the innovation application of internal space and advanced technology, Ioniq (氪) 5 is the first model to bring new Experience electric car. RDQUO;

Opening an electric vehicle design

The frontier design of Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 breaks through the existing automotive design rules, relying on the special electric automobile platform to continuously explore the ultimate design concept given the ultimate free. Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 The design calls people to modern car first mass production model ldquo; ponyrdquo; bold-style good memory, reflecting modern cars in 45 years of designing history, outlined, out of the past, now And a future of the future. This is for ldquo; permanent flowDesigning the subject of the design theme, and continuously strengthened with the expansion of the Ioniq (氪) product line.

The visual characteristics of Ioniq (Aii) 5 are 3,000 mm long wheelbase, which is for ldquo; PonyRdquo; design DNA across time and space inspiration and blood. As the wheelbase is long, the body ratio needs to adopt a more exquisite design to adapt the characteristics of contemporary electric vehicles.

Ioniq (氪) 5 has a unique electric car body structure ratio, the wheelbase length is 3,000mm

Ioniq (尼 氪) 5 It is the first model of modern cars using the shell-type power cabin cover, and the body coverage is more close to achieve the best aerodynamic effect. For an optimization of aerodynamics, the side of Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 uses a hidden automatic door handle, and it is equipped with a smart active intake grill at the bottom of the front bumper (AAF, Active Air Flap). ), Enabling the vehicle in the driving process to be more smooth to reduce air resistance, help to extend the endless mileage and look more dynamic. A wake-up V-front bumper, cleverly embedded in the daytime driving light (DRL), becoming Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 unique lighting characteristics, the number of lathe lamps that echoes LDQUO; parameterized pixels (Parametric Pixel) RDQUO; Design.

Ioniq (氪) 5 Their front and rear contours met in the door, which is also a modern car LDQUO; parameter dynamics (Parametric Dynamics) RDQUO; the design concept is another classic example, this design concept is the most First use it for the fifth generation of Lotus L. With modern car ldquo; 45rdquo; electric concept car is the source of inspiration, strong C-column model makes Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 very recognized, and it can also recognize it.

The wheels optimized by aerodynamic optimization show LDQUO; parameterized pixel technology (Parametric PIX)EL) RDQUO; design theme, it has a 20-inch large diameter, which is the largest size wheel equipped with modern automotive electric models. These design elements are further optimized and enlarged on the modern car E-GMP platform, which has created the perfect proportion of Ioniq (氪 氪) 5.

Sangyup Lee, the senior vice president of modern car, and the global design center, Sangyup Lee, is: ldquo; ambition is high, do not forget the initial heart, this is the mission of we should shoulder from the project. Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 is a red definition of lsquo; eternal RSquo; is a common main line throughout, now and future. RDQUO;

Internal design, Ioniq (氪) 5 implements ldquo; living space RDQUO; this topic. One of the most distinctive slides, the moving central armrest box – LDQUO; Universal Island RDQUO; plus all the flat flooring of the battery under the lower part of the battery, together with the passengers Extreme car space.

Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 front seats have an electric adjustment function that provides users with LDQUO; zero gravity rdquo; tilt angle setting, bringing a relaxed ride in the family. The new car smartly reduced the thickness of the front seat 30 percent, designed to reserve a more spacious space for the rear row.

Ioniq (氪) 5 has spacious and comfortable custom-made cars

a large sunroof composition Ioniq (氪) 5 View-level roof, no shaded dome design, make sure the sight is unborn, and the inner vision is open. Not only that, Ioniq (Ioni) 5 can also be equipped with environmentally friendly solar roof, which is to collect solar energy and transmit to the battery pack as a source of energy, thereby increasing energy efficiency. Solar roofs can also reduce battery power loss while extending the life mileage.

Ioniq (氪) 5 equipped withSide-level huge glass skate-roofed roof with solar charging function

In the contact part of the human car, such as seats, ceiling, door, floor and handrail, etc., Ioniq (氪) 5 is used Continuous environmentally friendly materials, such as fibrous materials, plant (biological PET) yarns, natural wool yarns, environmentally friendly synthetic lens, and plant extracts with vegetable extract Biological coating, etc.

Ioniq (氪) 5 interior uses a large number of renewable green environmental protection materials

Ioniq (尼 氪) 5 total 9 appearance color scheme It is available for customer choice, five of which are Ioniq (氪) 5 unique natural inspirational color, interiors offer three types of color design, to fully meet the consumer’s personalized demand for environmentally-friendly electricity tools.

A variety of PE systems adapt to the needs of each user

Ioniq (Aiikin) 5 can provide a variety of PE systems (Power Electric System, Power System) configuration to meet different regional consumption Differentiated travel needs and do not compromise in performance. The battery pack has 58KWh or 72.6kWh configuration optional, and two drive motor layouts are driven by the rear motor or the front and rear motor. Different PE system configurations have excellent endurance, up to 185km / h.

Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 top-level performance version, with the front and rear dual motors, all-round drive (AWD), with a 72.6kWh battery pack, the whole vehicle integrated maximum power reached 225kW, the maximum torque is 605nm, 100 km acceleration only 5.2s.

Ioniq (Ioni) 5 provides a variety of PE systems and showing uncompromising excellent performance

In order to ensure in cold winter Better battery life, Ioniq (氪) 5 is equipped with a heat pump system, using the waste heat generated by the drive motor and other electrical appliances to heat inside, minimize reductionThe battery is consumed. Equipped with 72.6kwh two-wheel drive long battery version Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 models, under the NEDC standard, single charging maximum battery life can reach 600km.

Ultra-high-speed charging and innovative vehicle external power supply (V2L) function

Thanks to the E-GMP platform, Ioniq (氪) 5 can support 400V and 800V charging piles simultaneously. The E-GMP platform model comes to 800V charging function, and it is also compatible with 400V charge without additional components or adapters. Multi-function wide voltage ultra-high-speed charging system is the world’s first patented technology that allows for motor and inverters of the vehicle to boost the 400V voltage supplied by the charging infrastructure to the most suitable 800V voltage of the vehicle system, thereby achieving stable charging compatibility.

When charging is performed using a 350KW charging pile, Ioniq (Inei) 5 is charged from 30 percentage electricity to 80 percentage only 14 minutes, and the charging can increase 100km battery life.

Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 can support 400V and 800V ultra-high-speed charging and provide high-power car external power supply (V2L)

Ioniq Another innovative feature of Aiikin) 5 is that the vehicle-on-external power supply function (V2L) will fully expand user sustainable electric travel lifestyle. Regardless of the vehicle, it is easy to use Ioniq (Aii) 5 for other electric equipment, such as electric bicycles, scooters or camping equipment, etc., can even provide support for household electricity, so that high quality life time .

The vehicle external power supply (V2L) output power is as high as 3.6 kW. The whole car has two V2L ports inside and outside. One of the ports under the rear seat, the vehicle is activated, and the other port is located at the body charging interface outside the car, with the adaptive converter, the user can charge the high power electrical device . In the vehicle flameout state, the external V2L port outside the vehicle can still be powered by other devices.

Innovative Internet Technology and Driving Auxiliary System Ensure that driving safety and convenience

Ioniq (氪) 5 Realized a number of advanced technology to integrate, bringing users more advanced digital experience. Spacious double-row seat truck, equipped with a 12-inch full touch screen in-vehicle information entertainment system and a suspended 12-inch digital meter, and can be customized according to user needs. Ioniq (氪) 5 has also become a starting model for a number of modern technology. Enhance the realistic planning system (Ar Hud), which can be cleverly projected from the front of the navigation, security, and car surroundings in front of the sight, and the driver can see it through the windshield. Digital Side Mirror (DSM) can assist the driver safe driving by providing the most ideal perspective and complete elimination of visual blind spots.

Ioniq (氪) 5 equipped with 12-inch full touch central control screen and suspended 12-inch digital instrument and function customization

in driving In terms of security and convenience, Ioniq (氪) 5 has reached the highest level. Ioniq (氪 氪) 5 is equipped with the latest generation of modern Smartsense advanced driving assistance systems, including HDA2 (Highway Driving Assist Level 2, Highway Driving Assist Level 2, Highway Driving Assist Level 2) Technology, and Front anti-collision assistance (FCA), blind zone Anti-collision assist (BCA), intelligent speed assisted (ISLA), driver’s attention warning (DAW), many driving assistance functions such as high beam auxiliary (HBA).

Modern Auto Ioniq (氪) 5 will be launched in some areas in the first half of 2021, will also be officially introduced into the Chinese market in the future.

Modern Automobile Ioniq (Ioni) 5 Technical Parameter Specification Table

※ In different countries, this press release may differ from the vehicle specifications and functions.



4, 635 mm


[ 123]

[ 123]

3,000 mM

531 liters / 1,591 liters (rear seat Completely folded)

Non-North American model: 57 liters (2WD model) or 24 liters (AWD model)

Longhang version

(77.4 kWh, North America) [ 123]

Maximum power

605 nm (comprehensive performance of front and rear dual drive motor) [ 123]

Two-wheel drive

(2 Wd)

Maximum power

58 kWh battery pack

Full-wheel drive


100 km acceleration

[ 123] Two-wheel drive

Maximum power

125KW (separately drive motor)

[123 ]

123 km (WLTP standard)


Remote start (enhanced version)

Safety Gettle Auxiliary (SEA)

Panorama display (SVM)

Rear cross-collision assistance (RCCA)

Highway Driving Assist System 2 (HDA 2)

matte gravity gold , Matte meter ash, digital pearl green, pearl glasses blue, Atlas white, Sai Bo metallome, pearls, magic black, Milky Way metals (non-North America), mysterious pearl olive (non-North America)


Interior color:


1,605 mm

luggage compartment Volume

Retrievan / luggage compartment volume

Front luggage compartment

North American model: 24 liters (2WD models and AWD models apply)

Technical platform

E -GMP platform

Maximum life mileage (NEDC standard)

600KM (equipped with 72.6 kWh two-wheel drive model)

72.6 kWH battery pack


225KW (Front-rear drive motor integrated performance) Maximum torque

100 km acceleration


[ 123]

Maximum torque

350 nm (separate After the motor)

100 kilometers accelerated



Standard Run

Maximum power

173KW (front-rear dual drive motor comprehensive performance)

Maximum torque

605 nm (comprehensive performance of the double drive motor)

Maximum torque

350 nM (separate drive motor)

Characteristic function

Adapted to charge pile

400V and 800 V (no need to match an adapter)

Ultra-high-speed charging

30% by 100% to 80 percent charge only14 minutes


3.6 kW

port position [ 123]

car outside: vehicle charging port

Information Entertainment System

12-inch full touch mode control screen

12-inch suspension digital instrument

BluelinkReg; car service

Vehicle Status Notice

PoI (points of interest) with Waypoints function, can be sent directly to automobile

maintenanceReminder (Enhanced Edition)

Safety performance and convenience

front Anti-collision assistance (FCA)

Blind zone anti-collision assistance (BCA)

Intelligent Speed ​​Assist (ISLA)

[123 ] Driver’s attention warning (DAW) High-beam Aid (HBA)

Park anti-collision assistance (PCA)

Remote Intelligent Parking Assisted (RSPA)

body coloring:

obscenity black, black stone deep gray + pigeon gray, deep tea color + pigeon gray, earth brown + mud (Korea only)

[ 123]

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