Modern Ioniq 5 Trailer Publishing will be officially unveiled in February

Recently, modern cars released three advisory pictures of Ioniq 5, and the new car continued the model design of modern 45 concept vehicles, using a large number of flat tightened lines, and integrate retro and futures, which also represents modern New ideas for automobiles for electric vehicle design. It is reported that the new car will be officially unveiled in February and is expected to be delivered in June.

ioniq 5 positioning medium-sized SUV, can be seen from the preview map, the new car is basically used in the design language of modern 45 concept car, The latts are very clear. The front of the car is relatively simple, the front headlights are integrated into the medium network, the internal day driving light is quite identified; Ioniq 5’s rim style is very unique, its size has reached 20 inches, and it is very good with the whole vehicle. coordination.

The shape of the car is quite a level. The lines are still very tough, the taillights use the through-type design, and the effect after lighting is echoed with the front headlights, it looks more Have a sense of integration. By handling the pre-chart, it can be found that the shape of the bottom bumper is quite complicated, and the design of the horns is consistent with the tough style of the vehicle.

IoniQ 5 is based on E-GMP platform (modern automobile new electric vehicle platform), the two-motor version maximum power is 230 kW, 0-100km / h acceleration time or 5.2 seconds. In terms of endurance, new cars will be equipped with SK INNOVATION brand power batteries, according to the latest report, the car is 342 miles (550 km) under WLTP operating conditions. In terms of charging, the car will adapt 350 kW supercharged piles, and the battery is charged from 20% to 80 percentage only 15 minutes. (Message Source: Motor1)

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