Modern Ioniq 5 will have a 2022 domestic overseas price from 332,000 yuan.

It is reported that modern cars Ioniq (Ioni) 5 will be domestically produced by Beijing. The new car has previously been listed in the UK, launched 7 models, and the price range is 36.995-481145 pound (approximately RMB 33.2-432,000). The new car is the first pure electric vehicle model created by the modern automobile group’s special electric vehicle platform E-GMP, and positioning medium SUV. The new car provides standard battery life and long-range models.

The new car appearance shows that there is a flat straight line, which is more tough. The front face is relatively simple, the front headlights are integrated into the penetrating medium network, stretched the horizontal visual effect. More particularly, the black trim strip along the front front is a surround design, and the 20-inch hub shape of the new car is also very eye-catching. The penetrating design formed by the tail taillight and the forming plate is also echoed with the head.

Aspects of the body size, the length of the new car is 4635/1890 / 1605mm, and the wheelbase is 3000mm.

The car is equipped with a popular double-screen design, two screen sizes of 12 inches. There are still a lot of highlights in the car, including the front and rear movement of the central armrest box, and the front seat is also equipped with a leg support in addition to the free adjustment angle, and all seats in the vehicle can be adjusted.

Further, the panoramic space also integrates the solar panel, which can transmit electric power to the vehicle power battery, integrating creativity in texture. AR HUD, blind zone anti-collision assist, pre-collision warning system, etc. also is provided.

The new car battery capacity provides 58kWh and 72.6kWh, with long-range two-driven version of WLTP working capacity to reach 480km. In addition, both endurance models provide back drive and four-wheel drive form. Standary Retail Edition two-drive version maximum power 125kW, peak torque 350N · m; standard battery four-wheel drive version maximum power 173KW, peak torque 605N · m; long-lasting version of the two-drive version maximum power 160KW, peak torque 350n · m; longitude The four-wheel drive version maximum power is 225kW, peak torque 605N · m.

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