Mustang electric shock! Mustang Mach-E endurance 480km Model Y can check it?

Introduction | 2021 annual income of China

November 18, Ford Mustang in the United States released the first electric car Mustang Mach-E.

mentioned Mustang, a performance began to think of the civilian car, slightly higher fuel consumption, noise big thief. Little sister met fell in love with the young man met love to open.

announced today that this car Mustang Mach-E in the end do?

First, the appearance: door handles Where?

before the Mach-E face and the front face of the hexagon Ford family, but uses a fully enclosed design. And half circle with black lines outline the contours appear more three-dimensional. If the standard to cover it, so there is a sense of geometry Diudiu A’s in it. Front three vertical bar headlights and taillights echoes, sports highlights, and more reminiscent of Mustang performance.

whole body continues fuel edition Mustang design elements, especially the side surface smooth dynamic lines outline the shape of the surface, creating a sense of muscle. Not even see the presence of the entire side surface of the door handle in the car side polyethylene Jun careful observation images found, it can be opened by a key in the B-pillar and the C pillar. Overall appearance and design of the handle-free Mach-E reduce the drag coefficient is 0.3Cd.

as well as the emergence of the GT version, the GT version and the regular version look different the front face of the body does not use the same color, but with glossy black paint formed flop. So that other people can tell at a glance that he was a GT version, with different tail also be used to identify the letters GT.

Second, in the control: both large-screen visual sense Tesla

interiors horizontal design, instruments and liquid crystal 15.5 inch big screen in the control, a change in control of the original Mustang’s dense button style. “Screen bigger and bigger, in order to cater to Chinese consumers what?.” The gear lever is also a combination of the shapes to change the original ball stud, it becomes the shift knob. Thus saving space inside the car, and more to improve the technological sense.

a bigger screen, the software also play big?

vehicle not only support OTA upgrade, the conference also debut the “SYNC” communications and entertainment system, this system can learn self-evolution. In other words, if you are off work on Monday after most of the time will go to the gym, go home Tuesday, Wednesday Starbucks …… Over time, he remembered your active, to give you personalized recommendations put forward, more like a small housekeeper. “Is not that what we edited daily requirements.”

Mustang coupe is a lot of people Tucao space is too small, although the Mustang Mach-E uses a coupe design style but it is a very good interior space design draws on the SUV, the protection of the trunk as much as possible to put things at the same time, the interior space will be done can comfortably accommodate five people.

Third, power, battery life, price

The total released five versions of Mustang Mach-E , its battery capacity 75.7kWh (standard life) and 98.8kWh (long life). After a standard drive version EPA life endurance of 230 miles (about 370km), and long endurance life EDITION EPA 300 miles (about 480km). DETAILED price and life see below:

After power on, Mustang Mach-E to provide four-wheel drive and two drive forms. Wheel drive motor maximum output power of 342kW, the maximum output torque of 830N ∙ m, 0-60 miles (0-96km / h) acceleration time up to 3.5 seconds. Although there is no roar of the engine, but still smell the full performance of taste.

car poly Summary

To horse race, but also a method to finally horse can not eat , that is charging chant. Mustang coupe model has served as a presence at home and abroad, there are Mach-E enriched the Mustang family product line. Both domestic and foreign consumers have more choices, Mach-e will be ready for the China market in 2021.

People have been circulated 5.0L Mustang is called “Mustang”, and 2.3T the Mustang can only be referred to as “wild Lv”.

that pure electric Mustang Mach-E Why is it called that? Like its English name called Pinyin as coach? “Mǎch-ē”

Finally, also the Mustangs domestic electric cars in particular tasting itself.

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