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March 7, 2021, Beijing Hyundai New Generation Map AMP; Name Pure Electric Shenyang Regional joint listing will be held in Marytim in Shenyang. From Beijing Hyundai, Shenyang local dealers, Beijing modern new and old customers, and media guests gathered together to witness “superior life smart car” new generation name amp; name map pure electric product charm!

Customer check-in

“Superior Life Intelligence” new generation is launched 5 models including two powers, price range 13.38 –1688 million yuan; Name Pure Electric has launched three models, the price range is 17.88-203,800 yuan.

On-site song and dance performance

In the design, the new generation of famous diagrams use the latest family elements, rich surfaces and simple lines to create Stylish, elegant overall image, front grille, split headlights and through tail lights, more powerful brand identity; in the size of the vehicle, the new generation is more advantageous than the same level, The length is 4780 * 1815 * 1460mm, and the axial distance is 2770mm. Compared with the previous generation model, the bus length has increased by 70mm, and due to the use of low center of gravity design, the car is highly reduced by 10mm, which also makes a new generation of name visual It is more stable, and it has also improved the stability of driving.

Leadership speech

Interior Without the delicious high-end style, the car has a large collision design and a leather seat, a soft material, a piano paint or other decoration, and is equipped with a 12.3-inch central control screen + 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel. Super smart connecting screen, greatly improving senior sense and technology in the car, bringing users to the users of “digital smart cockpit” experience.

New car unveiled

The new generation is equipped with Baidu Intelligent Network 3.0 system and pre-installed Baidu map., QQ music and other popular APPs, as well as new applications in the integrated bispress and mobile payment functions in the oil, in order to meet the preferences of Chinese consumers. In addition, the new generation of famous diagrams are also equipped with mobile phone BL Bluetooth keys that can share vehicle key functions to their families, and can remotely view the mobile phone Bluelink function of vehicle status information, and the interconnection of the car. Through language control, users can start the vehicle at home, open the car light, can also drive the air conditioner, water heater, air purifier and other smart home equipment in the home driving.

Trainer introduces the new generation of famous diagrams.

The same is impressive is the operation of the new generation of many functions in the car At the maximum level, it has been close to the intelligent terminal product, which is more in line with consumer usage habits. For example, speech control, multi-touch, all touch panel, can even let users find experience in digital products such as mobile phones, PADs during the use of vehicles.

New generation name AMP; name pure electric price

In addition, the new generation of famous diagrams even equipped with up to 23 The smart driving assistance system of the Item ADAS function can implement the L2 + level automatic driving. It can effectively avoid collision accidents that can be caused by drivers, and greatly improved the convenience of driving, almost taken into account for every detail of safe travel.

The first batch of car owners

In terms of power, a new generation of famous diagrams also achieve further upgrades in power, providing 1.8L MPI engines + Intelligent CVT transmission and 1.5T CVVD engine + 7DCT transmission two power combinations. Among them, 1.8L engine maximum power is 104.8kW, maximum torque 175.5 nmiddot; M, efficient, environmentally friendly, smooth smooth, 100 kilometers of comprehensive working conditions as low as 5.3L. Another set of 1.5T CVVD engines, using modern automobile world’s first CVVD “continuous variable valve duration” technology, maximum power up to 125kW, maximum torque is 253 nmIddot; M, 100 kilometers comprehensive working conditions are equally 5.3L.

Activity site

It has to be mentioned, as a product tailored to Chinese consumers, the new generation of famous diagrams also show Very good sincerity, not only all the whole system is automatic, and the whole system is standardized 12.3 “central control screen, electronic handbrake, LED day running light, automatic control front headlight (with delay), air purification System (CN95 high efficiency filter), engine automatic start and stop, TPMS independent digital display pressure monitoring system, reversing image and other configurations.

Leadership and Field Customers Interaction

As the landing product of the Beijing modern brand technical image upgrade strategy, the new generation of famous maps will not only “A-class cars The B-class car experience “brings unprecedented” everyone sedan “travel experience to consumers, and modern cars include modern cars including CVVD technology, 23 ADAS configuration, and L2 + level of automatic driving technology. Leading technology. The new generation of famous diagrams have been listed, marking the full rejuvenation of the Beijing Hyundai sedan product line, which will form a B-class “Gemin Star” combination with the tenth generation of Sonata, further strengthen the competitiveness of the products in the sedan market.

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