Narrow the distance between you and me, the pole star the world’s first art space seated Beijing Parkview Green

October 17, the pole star of the world’s first art space opened in Beijing Parkview Green. Polar Star Art Space collection of design Tasting, digital interactive, delivery performance, worry-free retailing and many other functions, but also allows us to have a physical retail car a new experience. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Wu Zhenhao pole star brand president of China, said: “The advanced form of automobile consumption upgrade the aesthetic upgrade as a leading star, pole star will design all aspects of the consumer experience injected thinking, like polished works of art for. we create the polar Star Art space. “

before the end of 2020, the pole star brand will be the world’s 50 art space in the layout, of which 20 will be settled in China’s 14 cities.

Design Polar Star Art Space comes from local museums, galleries and libraries, as saying the entire interior style of the car, taking the equally minimalist style, looks really clean and tidy. In the above show car uses two large shadowless, so that people see the car when you can more clearly see the vehicle itself.

on the other side of the store, the entire surface of the display wall plate is made of alumina, cool silence, quite aesthetic SCIENCE, each region has its own content is , gently press showcase will open automatically, which is equipped with auto parts, material samples and color swatches, and allows people to explore the exquisite detail very close to the star product components. This includes Akebono brakes, double rear axle motor means and custom wheels, etc., are generally disposed in the art such as display cases.

In the next display cabinets, as well as the design table, which is placed in one of the few furniture. In the table, we can actually touch the seat, the interior of various materials, you can also choose the modules on the sensor area among the display screen watching the actual effect of the large size of the left.

Of course, here it is equally important to look at cars, placed Polar Star Polar Star 1 and 2 two models in the exhibition hall. 1 pole star as the brand’s luxury performance hybrid electric drive GT carRun, the perfect combination of minimalist design aesthetic avant-garde, pioneer of the electric driving force of science and technology, advanced manufacturing technology of carbon fiber body, will bring users a new concept of luxury and high-performance driving pleasure.
Polar Star a front axle mounted a 2.0-liter machinery – bis turbo-charged gasoline engine and starting the power generating machine connected to the crankshaft, with 8AT gearbox, rear axle equipped with two separate independently driven permanent magnet synchronous motor bis a rear wheel, the maximum output power of the integrated 600 hp, the maximum torque of 1000 Nm integrated middot; m. It matches the battery capacity of 34kWh, the largest pure electric mileage up to about 150 kilometers. In addition, the car is the world’s limited 500 units, China’s limited 100 units, previously ordered Polar Star 1 of the first batch of consumers is expected to get the car at the end of this year.

2 pole star is the brand’s second model, is the first pure electric car, of course, from a pricing point of view future car sales will undoubtedly become the focus. In the overall design, the pole star 2 more to show the brand its own characteristics. As a pure electric car, life is undoubtedly the focus of attention, the pole star 2 equipped with a 72kWh battery of, NEDC overall mileage of 500km. On the power, it takes the form of a double longitudinal electric machinery structure, four-wheel drive. The maximum output power of 408 HP, maximum torque Nm maximum torque 660, 0-100km / h acceleration time of 4.7 seconds. Polar Star 2 users will be delivered beginning in the first half of next year.

This came to Polar Star Art Space, people can feel the kind of brand affinity bring, minimalist style feels very soothing within this space for consumers can stop and take pole star product experience. If you are also interested in the pole star, you may wish to come here to see for yourself.

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