National five 2020 Toyota overbearing 4000 latest package tax

2020 Toyota overbearing 4000gxr Dubai version is a full range of SUVs, which combines the body design, university motivation and sensitive manipulation of sports sedan, and the off-road safety of SUV. Parallel Imported Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. learned that the car is currently 860,000, interested friends may wish to consult 19522446256 to learn more!

Vehicle model: parallel import 2020 Toyota overbearing 4000gxr Dubai version

Vehicle procedure: booth car

Vehicle color : White appearance / beige interior

Vehicle offer: 860,000

Vehicle configuration: , 9 airbags, 18-wheeled black wheels, skylights, black pedals, luggage racks, front 2 4 electric eye, one-button start, multi-function steering wheel, fixed speed cruise, manual seat, refrigerator, large screen reflection, tire pressure alarm.

parallel import 2020 Toyota overbear 4000gxR Dubai The front face is more full, with the natural and simple front grid column of the nature, combined with the wide rear window and the round taillights, the overbearing 4000 is more fascinating and charm; the whole body has a good level, fully reflected This large SUV is wild.

20 Toyota overbearing 4000gxr Dubai version of the interior is more fashionable, steering wheel and instrument panel shape to re-design, compared to cash, more fashionable and rich Science and technology sense. The center console is still a metal plate with a sandy hand, strengthens the texture of the interior; there is no change in the instrument panel, the red line element of the double gun cartridge is cool, the amount of information is also very clear.

parallel import 20 Toyota overbearing 4000GXR Dubai version of the appearanceGas, dynamic, vehicle styling is both dynamic atmosphere and unique charm, big light crystal clear, shining, shining, spectating the front grille, more prominent thickness, body lines and group surface more contemporary.

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