Need not enough quality more than 2 years of age this car Land Rover Range Rover vehicle residual value has almost halved


[ Juxun Wang reported ] A long time ago when to sell Audi, received a call from the customer consultation Audi R8, learned about the new car and the approximate price range offer, the customer has asked a Used R8, age and mileage are not too long, condition and he looked at, I feel pretty good, old advice to buy new or buy?

Based on sales of Mandarin answer, of course, say a used car and so more cost-effective, especially purchase tax can also free up a lot, the customer agrees, and he said that in itself is to play to play, chances are a child six months to sell, thanks to start a used car will be relatively small.

was the heart of such second-hand luxury car price target audience is interested in, of course, for many rich, they may redeem the luxury car and we ordinary people no different from another phone, for all of us We can accept a digital only.

Shortly before walked into a parallel import car dealers, Mr. store sales for high-store sales ldquo; the luxury car brand rdquo; made another round of interpretation: These models offer high giant, the main target customers is to buy debt, arrived at a lower cost to higher debt hellip; hellip; think about this plan seems really feasible.

Of course, the second-hand luxury cars target customer base also dislike the new jianpei, but also focus on cost, especially standing price-performance, second-hand luxury car performance is really quite possible .

For example, this issue introduces the protagonist of this car – 2016 Range Rover models in regulation 3.0 V6 SC Vogue (hereinafter referred to as the Range Rover), on the card dated February 2017, the current mileage 58000 kilometers around.

MSRP: 1.558 million, that’s 10 million increase, floor price of 190 yuan.

second-hand car dealers now offer less than 100 yuan.

From the point of view of preservation, this car more than two years thanks to the Range Rover and the one of four years of as much as Mercedes-Benz G500, both cars lose a millionabout.

Next we look at the performance of ministries car Range Rover it.

on the momentum of the vehicle, the Range Rover still exist more than prestige, tall and mighty body is still quite impressive, when a TV shows dwelling, the Land Rover seems to be implanted once hard-wide, for the Land Rover won a lot of fans in the wealthy circle hellip; hellip;

According to the used car business description, this has not happened Range Rover accident, only the rear bumper parts encountered electric car scratch paint done by the body before and after check stringer beam head is really no exception.

Land Rover aluminum body is proud of the capital, the machine lid open feel really lightweight, cotton lined cap no significant and dismantling signs of damage.

According to second-hand car dealers, the car meets the definition of quality second-hand, so after not deliberately closed car cabin interior landscaping.

In the author’s experience, start with the best selection of used cars have not been cleaned beauty of the vehicle, which for us is very helpful to understand the true condition.

Most of the bonnet bolts no obvious signs of disassembly, maintenance time required to move only a portion of the construction had signs. Slight traces of oil cover support rods, this situation can be considered the normal range.

tire size is 255 / 55R20, brand GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 AT, origin Germany, production date for 2016 Week 43 , should the original car tire.

Based on 58000 driving range, if they start care about tire wear situation, we want to add the cost of future tire replacement car budget.

case when purchasing a luxury car decorated common fare increase, this Range Rover power tailgate (up and down) movements are normal, the acquisition of the luggage compartment flooring, the advantage is to protect the trunk lid, when future transactions a vehicle with better jewelry, in addition to this car also acquired additional floor mats.

door linings in good health, no abnormal wear, binding various interior components and wear of the wheel, the car mileage should be a real table.

The vehicle seat leather no breakage anomaly, the main seat, the car than the pre-Benz G500 better performance .

Electric normal threshold actuating pedal, pop open, closed automatically recover shy; shy ;.

Interior quite good condition, no abnormal cortical wheel breakage, various function keys working properly.

Land Rover Range Rover car on the left side of the dashboard adhesive ldquo; Tianjin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau printed traceability of imported cars XX code rdquo ;, which can also be used as query one way vehicle sources.

console, good shift panel condition, the floor at the foot glowed shine illumination.

by a simple test, the vehicle is functioning properly, if the purchase of a used car, be sure the car will be able to see all the features of all the testing it again, avoiding the start that it would not do not lead to the maintenance of such models maintenance costs a lot of money oh.

on the right side of the door and instrument panel health sameYes.

vehicle instrument display properly, list significant mileage 57,652 km, originally shot the video started, but could not find any case where the material, it is very regrettable , next time pay attention to provide more details.

rear seats and rear air-conditioning panel normal wear and tear, extra rear carpeted floor, partial leather seats dirty, perforated leather chair is insufficient to get clean dirty somewhat laborious and costly.

after buying a used car, it is recommended thorough cleaning inside and outside the vehicle, you can clean out some of the subsidiary decoration, such as carpets, or thorough cleaning, car late create a more healthy environment Ye Hao.

After the vehicle ceiling and a door liner was normal, and no abnormal wear, according to the vehicle the actual situation inside and outside the car dealers said it was a fine second-hand car is not too much.

In the absence of lifting equipment for the chassis only leaned down Look around, no significant leaking, if starting a used car, be sure to find a detailed investigation of lifting equipment chassis, the chassis health status can also be see car owners concerned about the degree of respect.

on this car, the former owner has spent a lot of the acquisition of invisible sewing, electric cars hit the bar after only scraping be It has been repaired.

self and its domestic joint venture, the Land Rover brand value seems to be dropping lower and lower, or more than 2 years and this is the Land Rover Range Rover does not lose one of the reasons more than four years of Mercedes-Benz G500 in terms of losing money.

car floor price of about 1.9 million, second-hand car dealers now offer less than 1 million, you say this car just over two years, with mileage of less than 60,000 kilometers of Land Rover Range Rover, how its price performance?

Written in the last:

buy a used car, based on the reality of the situation, some models or can not provide complete maintenance records,As a follow-owners, it is recommended when a car budget of around 5 percentage prices of maintenance costs, can not confirm if the vehicle maintenance history, to follow ldquo; major maintenance standards rdquo; conservation, follow-up maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers service intervals / maintenance content just fine.

Note: buying a used car is recommended to seek professional organization condition comprehensive testing to ensure that condition be aware of.

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