New Arit y8 Iveco, comfortable space to meet a family travel

Today, I introduced a new RV-At-Arit Y8, in accordance with the naming meaning of the Yat Rock manufacturers, is YEAR 8, 2020 is started with Year 8, 2020. The 8th year, while Y also represents the Tat Yate, so this is also known as the Atte 2020 Commemorative Room. Perfect and sufficient configuration, the ultimate and comfortable space, let this new car cost is higher, if you don’t believe, you will look down with Xiaobian!

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Dynamic, this car is equipped with a 3.0T diesel Engine, maximum power reaches 125kW, maximum torque 400nmiddot; M, meets Summer 6 emissions, matching a 8AT gearbox of the EF, transcending the five editions in power parameters, which is a certain help for the improvement of daily driving It should be noted that the Six version of the model needs to be added urea.

In terms of body size, the long width high reaches 5990 * 2545 * 3180mm, the length is less than 6 meters to meet the C brand blue drive, and the body width has reached 2545mm. It can be said that it has reached one of the widest winds in the same type. Based on the horizontal space inside the car, it is also very good, the inner width is 2.3 meters, and it has a significant advantage in the competition model.

L-card reciprocating table panel layout, sitting on the right side of the seat, the most convenient and meal , Liaoye Entertainment, etc .; L-shaped sofa casing with lockers, upper layer also with cabinets of the cabinet, the following is the storage tank, which is convenient to place small objects; the forehead is forehead, accommodates 2 people Together, the forehead is full of 32-inch Internet TV.

is located on the other side of the session, set a 148L Flost double door refrigerator, Can meet the food reserves of a family of 2-3 days. Above the refrigerator is an open storage platform that can be placed according to your needs.But remember to pay firmly when driving.

The door behind the cavity is where the kitchen in the car is located. The kitchen in the car provides conventional equipment such as an induction cooker, a toilet, a refrigerator, located in the kitchen operator The inside is provided with a three-level open storage, which can be stored in the parking, and it is necessary to hungry when driving or fix it.

The rear is the bathroom in the car. Here is a highlight on the car. In this no expansion, it has set a dry and wet separation. Bathroom, this is very rare in the same type of routing, the internal space is quite good, the inside is a separate shower, the outside is the area where the toilet shower is located. When encountering an emergency, there is a bath, exterior Sitting is still available, but the taste will be uncomfortable.

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