New Audi A6 Exposure Dynamics RS appearance + large amount of smoked black design fans stupid

In the domestic market, Audi A6 is one of the most successful officials. At that year, people who can sit on Audi A6 are mixed with a fairly good master. But now, Audi A6L is constantly rejuvenated in the design of Audi brand, but the business is constant. However, this time, the new Audi A6 really varies, recently, overseas media exposure new car rendering chart, the design style has changed, and a group of fans will have to be circled again.

From this time exposed picture, the new Audi A6L is wearing “sportswear”, and the new front face directly uses the RS series kit, and the business temperament before the change, the cellular shape increases + LEDs Double-side headlights, let the whole face look more exercise, fashion, very visual impact. Not only that, in the appearance, the new car also adds a large amount of smoked design, such as, fog lights, etc., once again strengthens the sports style of the new car again. Many fans are dumbfound compared to the previous shape.

Currently, the interior design picture is not released, but from the design style of the Audi A6L’s entire appearance, and the new Audi A4L design style, in the new Audi A6, Dressing will also conduct technology upgrades, such as the more bright large screen and technology equipment, and soft materials and seat packages, etc., may be all arranged, and the appearance of the movement echoes.

In power, the current price is divided into 2.0T and 3.0T two sets of power combinations, ghost brother predicts that the new model will continue these two power, but it does not rule out performance Top type is launched, for more choice of social elites like sports. In addition, new cars may add a 48V light mixing system to enhance the overall driving sense. After all, it can be seen from the design style of the new Audi A6, and people are no longer a simple business choice. Sports also requires sports performance.

Ghost car view: From this exposure picture, Audi A6L has multiple reforms in design. The overall temperament is moved by business steering, more biased towards a young transformation. Although the specific parameters of the new car have not been fully released, but with such design style, many fans have been screaming, and it is estimated that the opponents are shocked. It is reported that the new car is the fastest at the end of this year.Listed. Then, the fans can prepare the silver, do you also hit this new car? Let’s leave a message to the ghost brother?

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