New Audi RS 3 real car map exposure is equipped with 2.5T power

Recently, we learned from foreign media that the upcoming Audi RS 3 sedan version of the car was disclosed. Previously, Audi officially issued an official camouflage photo. Overseas media also plotted a diagram of the hatchback version. According to the real car of this leaked, its shape is almost completely similar.

In the appearance, the new car uses a larger forward gas grille, and uses a honeycomb network design, the grille border is brightly black. Decorative panels outline, and integrate with both sides of the headlights to form an integrated shape. There is also a larger-scale polygonal heat opening on both sides, and also equipped with a brake refreshing airway, and the overall shape is very fierce.

On the side of the body, the front and rear of the new car protrudes the car body, forming a wide body layout, with the waist line that runs through the body, and the waist of the concave on the door Designed, let the new car look full of muscles. In addition, the new car also exchanged the new two-color “Y” type five-wire large-size rim, further enhances the movement of new cars.

The tail section, a small spoiler is equipped with a small spoiler, and the taillight is used, and the arrangement of the internal lamp group is light after lighting. Identity. The rear surrounding double-layer design is used, and it is also a structure of a honeycomb mesh, and then matches the tail diffuser and the bilateral discharge, and the “RS” model is displayed.

The interior portion, although there is no exposure, but the main full liquid crystal dashboard and the UI design of the central control multimedia display It has been made to make an eye base, the same speed display as other models of the RS family, and the percentage of G value, power output, and torque output can allow the driver to get intuitive acquisition. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with custom, comfort, automatic, dynamic, dynamic models, and support RS custom settings, which can be adjusted to the driver’s favorite state.

In terms of power system, the official has released a lot of information, and the new car will continue to use 2.5T turbocharged inquiry five-cylinder engine, maximum power 400 hp, maximum torque is 500 cattle · meters; with the previous generationCompared to the largest torque, the maximum torque has increased by 20 cattle, and the working condition of the maximum torque can be taken in advance, and can be out of 5600 to 7000 rpm. In terms of transmission systems, the new Audi RS 3 will match the seven-speed dual clutch transistor and match the four-wheel drive system with drift mode, with a 0-100km / h acceleration time of 3.8 seconds, the highest speed is 290km / h.

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