New Baojun and Huawei jointly why progress is not China’s auto industry?


the environment of the four modernizations new car, from the car level easy to do a change, it is clear that we can find, focus on net-linking and intelligent level, look at this year’s new models, the intelligent network linking piece, that is to say on our car verbal system, upgrade the speed of iteration even comparable to smartphones.

In particular, this year, we are starting to be familiar with a new term: 5G. The impact of the Internet and vehicles, also ushered in a new development opportunities, along with the commercialization of 5G, 5G technology began to be widely used in major car companies, in this regard, and many car companies do well, but to say the best performance from a consumer perspective, the most convenient, Po Chun must count as one.

In April this year, the new Baojun brand released the first model RS-5, then launched the RC-6, RM-5, RS-3 of 4 product, and traditional Po Chun minds of consumers familiar with the different it is, since the new Baojun since its birth, science and technology, intelligent, network-linking, the young brand is its gene, that is to say, this is a big commitment to speak with data, and traditional intelligent network linked to experience a brand-new Baojun.

and the new Baojun services are not limited to the car itself, but also the integration of multiple suppliers to establish a new ecological, based on the traditional providing travel services, to further provide more diversified services, to build a distinctive quot; intelligent mobile space quot ;. The RC-6 after this car, the Baojun is the new RC-6, an upgrade.

December 29, the new Baojun released in Shenzhen, the world’s first powered HUAWEI HiCar intelligent linking production cars, the United Huawei, Suning, and other ecological partners work together to build a new Po Chun quot; intelligent mobile space quot ;. In the conference, the first equipped with the new Baojun HUAWEI HiCar intelligent linking production car – the new Baojun RC-6 officially unveiled, and since March 2020, the new Baojun will carry a full line of connectivity solutions HUAWEI HiCar wisdom.

that, this newPo Chun upgrade new RC-6 in the end there any bright spots, and compared to the current model, it and what upgrade? New Baojun it, HUAWEI HiCar wisdom interconnect solutions have what sense?

new Baojun RC-6 has on intelligence which reflects

new Baojun RC-6 HiCar version, and the current model the biggest difference compared to the new Baojun is equipped with the latest AI voice technology, smart driving, intelligent network associated with image recognition technology, also new Baojun family of intelligent configuration of these models for the first time.

new Baojun equipped HUAWEI HiCar, hardware can achieve mutual aid, ecology share, bringing the seven black technology: cell phones and car machine without a sense of connection, a car key remote control at home, in-car camera fatigue detection, video talk, gesture interaction, Android applied ecology share, schedule cards.

In particular performance, and before a new car is mounted baojun machine, the new baojun HUAWEI HiCar models may be implemented minimalist connected, without the user actively operate on the car is completed automatically connected, compared to other models more respect, more efficient, improve the ease of operation.

schedule card a key navigation, we all know, many smart phones can automatically identify the user’s schedule information to be integrated, allowing users on the next trip planning and schedule at a glance, the same, the new Baojun HUAWEI HiCar models will this function brought on vehicles, vehicle computer can rely on the phone to identify the user schedule information, in the form of a smart card to remind a user key to navigate to the destination.

In today’s intelligent, smart home has been accepted by more and more consumers, this new smart home system can a key card remote control home devices.

Furthermore, with the interior camera image data, a heart rate sensor data AI Huawei phone powerful computing power and watch / bracelet may detect the abnormal driving behavior of the driver to ensure driving safety. It must say, compared to other smart phones in terms of AI chip, carrying the chip Huawei AI computing power can be more accurate and effective monitoringTest driver behavior.

Further, the vehicle car can use a screen / microphone / audio communication capabilities binding 5G mobile phone, to realize the ultimate experience video calls, except for the traditional Bluetooth phone, the phone may not need to implement a video call operation .

The gesture recognition baojun also be incorporated into the new models, the use of the car phone’s camera + AI computing power, users can control the music play / pause by the gesture. In addition to these features, the new models will Baojun HUAWEI HiCar rich Android applications to share ecological car, build a user experience seamless transfer and convergence of interior and exterior scenes.

In summary, here’s intelligent Internet, not just quot; vehicle computer can be connected quot; simple, new Baojun phone applications and services extended to the car, get the car and cell phones, other IOT and other hardware devices achieve full interconnection between, in himself quot; mobile quot; to enjoy the service and convenience of smart technology brings.

not only Baojun, not only Huawei

Under this market now, business forms and social model has been a profound change the new Baojun mobile smart space, will build a strong quot; the ecological quot; system, established across the automotive industry interconnect mode, cross-border integration into the entertainment ecosystem, travel ecology, financial ecology, life and ecology go, for users to create travel new life. The key word here is quot; fused quot;, quot; integration quot ;.

As the world’s first powered HUAWEI HiCar intelligent linking of the production car – the new Baojun RC-6 HiCar version, it can be seen in the new Baojun quot; intelligent mobile space quot; the first step in ecology, and this eco-partner, Huawei beyond removed also include Great, love Fantastic Art, Himalayan, Suning, Ctrip, the US group, Baidu cloud, cool to me. As things open platform, the full open ecosystem, this space will be mobile intelligent access to more intelligent devices, to connect more with the software platform.

Clearly, this system opened the line andThe line, as far as possible related to ecology entertainment, travel multiple levels of ecological, financial ecology, life and ecology, the new Baojun services are not limited to the car itself, we will be partners to join in the entire service ecosystem. Big Data Analysis Center New Baojun and Huawei joint construction will be completed next year, users began to create large B2C data services.

Do not forget, HUAWEI HiCar also support continued investment in ecological and open platform capabilities and tools support both applications and hardware efficient car access, to differentiate the user experience. Future, it will not only be Huawei’s new Po Chun and cooperation, industry consensus, will also be built on this foundation.

written in the last

new Baojun and Huawei cooperation, re-integration of some environmental partners, indeed created all things Internet users, the new mobile smart travel a new life. Future, with the addition of more and more eco-car prices partners, coupled with continuous acquisition of big data and make optimization, this is it not the Chinese auto industry’s progress? China’s advances in Internet technology?

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