New Bentley Continental GT is now car Tianjin car

After the new Bentley continental GT revision advanced, there was a big change, retaining the original Wenya Chongqi, the original Wenya Chongqing, which Bentley Continental, added trendy, and the interior technology is full. Domineering head, mesh plaster, four round headlights, large wheels, and powerful wheel arches, these are vivid and passion.

Exquisite workmanship, every sub-branch season exudes a pure Bentley’s unpaired masculine – Bentley’s DNA: That is English tradition, classic design, legendary and confident gentleman Words. There is a vents under the front wings plate on the side of the vehicle, and it is also marked with a digital “12”, indicating the identity of its W12 engine. The essence of this word is now rare. There is a variety of different styles of size in the wheels. It is worth mentioning that the brakes are 10 piston card clamps to ensure that this big guy can have excellent braking performance in the high speed of 2.2 tons.

Handmade a 6.0T W12 engine whose maximum power is 467 kW (635 ps) / 6000 rpm, and the peak torque is 900 nm / 1350-4500 rpm. Since the engine is equipped with a high pressure fuel direct injection system (200 atmospheric spray pressure) and low pressure injection (MPI, 6 atmospheric pressure) techniques. Therefore, compared to the old models effectively reduce the speed required to achieve peak torque, the carrying data has improved, which in turn effectively enhances the accelerated experience and optimizes fuel economy.

Selected seat comfort kits optional seat comfortable kit provides more adjustment functions than standard continental GT seats, including adjustable headrest, longitudinal adjustment, adjustable backrest Pad, and ventilation and massage. These functions complement each other, bring a more comfortable driving experience for driver passengers in long distance or short trips. Inside the scenario, 14 light color is provided as an optional configuration lighting.

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