New BMW 5 Series inserted and pure electric version spy photos pure electric version or name I5

Recently, we got a group of new BMW 5 Series plug-in mixed version and pure electric version of the road from overseas media. The current BMW 5 Series has conducted a medium-term reservation, and the pure fuel version and plug-in mixed version; as the product gradually moved to the end of life, the new generation of BMW 5 Series will launch a pure electric version on this basis after the new generation of BMW 5 Series. However, it is still based on the CLAR platform, as for the use of a new electric chassis architecture, the model is expected to wait until about 2025 will be launched, and the new BMW 5 is or will be released in the second half of 2022. It is worth mentioning that the current BMW has already “pure electric version 4”, named I4, and the upcoming 3-series pure electric version “I3″, which is expected to be called ” i5.

From the current spy photos, the new car is wrapped in thick camouflage, and the front headlight set is also used for temporary testing. With the lamp group, but from the line, the double kidney front grille of the new car does not use the big mouth shape in the current 4 series, but the size feels more. The front surrounding heat-dissipation opening should be used, and the fog lamp is equipped on both sides.

On the side of the body, the front and rear of the new car is wide and the waist line is straight through the body, the overall visual sense It is very simple but strength is full. The tail section is still using the test lamp group, but the stylulation of the trunk is more tilted. In addition, the plug-in hybrid version is a bilateral hidden exhaust, and the pure electric version is a flat cover.

When the model is tried overseas, if there is an electric model, it will be marked with a corresponding prompt on the body. For example, the pure electric version 5 is labeled “Electric Test Vehicle”, meaning “electric test vehicle”; the plug-in hybrid version is marked with “Hybrid Test Vehicle”, meaning “hybrid test vehicle”.

In addition, in the interior part, because it is completely covered, it may be the style of double-screen screen, with a 12.3-inch full liquid crystal dashboard and a 14.9-inch multimedia touch screen, andWill use a new iDrive 8 info entertainment system. As for power, there is currently no relevant news, the specific information needs to be waiting for the official release. (Spy photos Source: motor1)

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