New BMW M2 spy photos exposure with unique double kidney design

Recently, we won a group of new BMW M2 road test spy photos from overseas media. This spy photos focus on their unique dual kidney network, perhaps we can use this to break through the appearance of the new car “Peak”.

Simplely reviewing the appearance of the new BMW M2, the new car still uses two design, With multi-radiated risers, a strong exercise is displayed. The tail design of the tail tail, as well as bilateral total four-proof exhaust, further enhances the movement of new cars. It is reported that the new car is expected to provide a 19-inch or 20-inch ring for consumers.

The lens is adjacent to the new car of the new car, and a unique dual kidney grille can be seen. This is neither similar to the portrait “big nostrils” of M3 / M4, nor is it a new 2-stranded silhouette smooth grille. The horizontal vertical, there is a horizontal shape, let us not help but think about the mysterious bumper found in Chen Tian in Chen Tian, ​​and then discovered that the shape of the three sections of the three sections were also consistent. Is this really a new M2 front face shape? Have to sigh Chen Tian’s speed …

The new netizen is based on the new bumper production M2 effect picture]

If the new BMW M2 is really as shown in the figure above, the shape of this afterwards can really break the design style of BMW in the last time. To join the straight line and the angular elements to today’s round car body, no matter how the results, BMW this trial is radical and bold. For such an appearance, I believe that some netizens will express it unacceptable, but think about it, who will not give a “true fragrance” to a 3.0T double turbine six+ back drive + 6-speed manual M2? ( Spy photos Source: CARSCOOPS

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