New BMW X4 in-bed spy photos exposure in the second half of the year

Recently, we got a group of new BMW X4 models from overseas media. As a medium-term change model, the new car has been slightly optimized for the appearance and interiors. It is reported that the new car or will be unveiled in the second half of 2021.

In terms of new car interiors, the overall design style is the same as the new BMW 3, and the full liquid crystal dashboard is still used. The three-spoke multi-function steering wheel of the shift dicing, and the central control multimedia display area of ​​the new car will also be larger than the cash type, and the size of the electronic shift should seem to becomes smaller.

In addition, we judged by the marker exposed on the dashboard captured spy photos, this is a M40I model, and the interior configuration is very rich, such as driving. Pattern selection, panoramic camera, automatic parking, adaptive cruise, lane maintenance, voice control, etc. In addition, a new IDRIVE8 system will also be equipped on a new car.

Review the appearance, the path of the latest car of the model with the interior is exposed. The headlight group on both sides of the new car will be more elongated, and the overall shape is a bit similar to the design of the new 5 series. The new car front grille is still a classic diced kidney design, and has not used the new 4-series big mouth shape, but the size area of ​​the grill is still slightly growing. The end of the car is still equipped with a narrow taillight shape, and is equipped with a bilateral bilateral black exhaust tail mouth. Dynamic system, new cars are expected to be similar to the power system of the current model, but there will be no significant change, but may be slightly adjusted in power torque. (Spy photos Source: motor1)

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