New Ford F150 modified brave business car, special offer 150,000

For Ford Brave, this guy cannot be described in just two words. After modified brave, there is an invincible ability, and the chassis is 6 inch elevated, enhances the new design of the off-road performance, PIAA White bulb and Terra evolutionary lighting system In front of the Ford F150 created by Fuel, the FF14 wheel introduced by Fuel is modified by Fuel, and the FF14 wheel has a advanced integration process, which not only makes the hub have high strength to deal with cross-country. Complex pavement also has lighter weight. (Note: There is a vehicle consultation and WeChat at the end of the article)

Mount 3.5TT twin turbocharge, V6 cylinder, new EcoBoost American launch machine, maximum traction 4858 Kg, 10-speed hand-in-one gearbox, combined with strong and durable powerful performance and business vehicles with a warm driving experience.

The full central gas-cedicular belt wood grain decoration plate is consistent with the F150, the central control traffic display records all information of the vehicle, except for the touch operation Simple physical buttons also make the driver to operate safely and effectively during driving. Ford bravely enhanced soundproof noise reduction, under the blessing of Sony audio upgrade package, the sound effect in the car is absolutely a kind of enjoyment.

Internal shop imported teak flooring, two rows set two CEO aviation electric massage seats with independent legs, the overall space is more broad, and the decoration is more Deluxe, atmosphere more delicate, suitable for business reception or family travel, using unbounded F-150 Ford brave, Pingding model, passenger compartment looks simply, after all, the main control is not so high in the interior. . However, regardless of the seat comfort, the overall space is compared to some of the competitive SUV advantages on the market.

After integrated, through the back tail box and the body of the body, a steady car is formed, and on the basis of the original five, Install the third row of real leather seats, perfectly integrated into the Ford F150 brave.


The second row has ventilation heating function, and the third row of three-person seat can move flat, more and more light control . Ford F150 pickup is off-road performance, and has a luxury and comfort of business SUV, throwing out of the appearance, which can be comparable to MPV. Independence bar, 32 inch lift LCD TV, 220V power supply, electrical settings in the car, let you first feel that its independence is extraordinary.

The wild is highlighting a high-grade taste of the outer flame, the car interior luxury It is equipped with colorful, and also taking care of the power-powered characteristic off-road vehicle. It tynsibabands the ability of work ability and the passenger comfort of the luxury car, and its modified indoor space is also very large.

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