New Ford Ranger Raptor will be released in 2023

Recently, we won a set of new Ford Ranger Raptor models from overseas media. As a high-performance version, the new car will provide turbo in terms of power, and the electric version may also be provided in the future. It is reported that the new car will be officially released in 2023.

From the viewed spy photos, the new car is still wrapped in heavy camouflage, but it can be seen that the new car will have a huge forward grille and double layer. Structure of headlight set, we expect the overall design concept to be similar to Ford F-150, using the same style design, such as “C” glyph, LED lamp group, through the decorative strip of front grid.

Interestingly, we found that this test car is a right rudder model, although it can’t explain what is wrong, but American users are worried that the model will continue to introduce the United States. Waiting for the regions of the regular left driving model. From the side, we can’t see any specific details, but the new car will be equipped with a very thick off-road tire and match the double hexal rings, so that the new car gas field is full.

The tail section, the new car taillights adopt longitudinally arranged design, and the overall shape should not be too prominent. In addition, the car will use two bilateral exhaust layouts, which look full.

Dynamic system, according to previous news, the normal version of Ranger will provide 2.0T four-cylinder and 3.0T six-cylinder diesel engine, and 2.3T four-cylinder gasoline engine, and Raptor version model or two turbines will be used Upset V6 engines to meet the user’s more powerful demand. (Spy photos Source: motor1)

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