New Honda BR-V Overseas Patent Chart Exposure 7 layout

It is about a few months ago, Honda released a concept car named N7X in the Southeast Asian market, and its mass production version will appear as a new generation of BR-V in August 2021. Good, before the new car is officially released, we can have seen it probably by the patent picture.

From the new generation of Honda Br-V, the new generation of Honda BR-V, the new BR-V will basically maintain the appearance of the N7x concept car, including style Tough of Honda family-style design style, at the same time, the practical properties of new cars continue to be retained, and 7 seats are set up to meet the travel needs of the whole family.

[Honda N7X concept car]

Honda BR-V is Honda to develop models developed by Southeast Asia, India, South Africa and other countries, new cars design idea SUV + MPV, playing practical and low price. The current Honda BR-V was released in 2015 and launched a model in 2019. About the power of the new car is currently unknown, it is expected to retain the current 1.5L gasoline and the 1.5T diesel engine.

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