New Kia Soul spy photos exposure or equipped with a 1.6T engine

Recently, foreign media took a spy photos of Kia Soul test vehicles. It is reported that the test vehicle is SOUL’s medium-term change model, which is expected to be improved in the shape and in-vehicle configuration sections.

At present, the test vehicle still uses a very stringent camouflage. It is expected that the front face will be adjusted, such as the front bumper of the new style, the penetration lamp group is expected to be There will be fine changes. At the end, the lamp group inside the taillight is expected to be adjusted, and from the outline, it will be upgraded.

The new truck will also be improved, including a large-sized central control screen and a full liquid crystal meter, and the in-vehicle system will also upgrade. Perhaps, you can refer to the design of the medium-term change K3 (as shown below).

There is currently no detailed information exposure. Foreign media guess it will adopt a 1.6T engine, refer to the new K3, its maximum power can reach 204 horsepower, peak torque is 265 cattle. Of course, the final news is based on the official announcement.

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