New Mercedes-Benz CLS official map releases an external interior upgrade

New Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz CLS and Mercedes -Amg CLS 53 4MATIC + official map release.

The new Mercedes-Benz CLS adopts a new AvantGarde look, compared with the current main change is the front bumper, the newly storm is a bit similar to the new C-Class design, run through the whole face .

In addition, although the head does not change, the front grille has been exchanged “Star Drill Grid” “. The new car also offers a new AMG-LINE style kit and is more splendid. Including the front lip, side skirt, front bumper, and provides a special 20-inch AMG rim.

New Mercedes -Amg CLS 53 4MATIC + uses a straight waterfall grille Design, the front bumper is also redesigned, and the tail is bilateral and four exhaust. In addition, new cars can also choose AMG Night Optional Pack, and as the name implies will be treated.

Most of the interiors are in place, still dual-screen design. However, the latest NAPPA leather steering wheel can not, arrange! Add a new hole with open brown walnut and highlight gray wood. In addition to this, upgrade driving assistance, providing active brake assist, active speed-limit assisted, automatic parking, adaptive cruise, etc.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a variety of diesel and gasoline engines. In terms of gasoline engines, where CLS 350 is equipped with 2.0T power, maximum power 299 horsepower; CLS 450 4MATIC is equipped with 3.0T engine + 48V, maximum power 367 horsepower. Mercedes -Amg CLS 53 4MATIC + continues to be equipped with a 3.0T linear six-cylinder engine + 48V motor, integrated maximum power 435 hp, peak torque 520 cattle.

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