New Mercedes-Benz S-class anti-elapse version of the official map is equipped with 6.0T V12 engine

Recently, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class rebone version of the official map was released, the new car named Mercedes-Benz s 680 Guard 4matic. It is reported that the new car production cycle is 51 days, the price is about 500,000 euros.

This model seems to be exactly the same as the new S level, but it has reached the VR10-level bulletproof standard. It is reported This is the highest level of the civilian car. The new car is equipped with a reinforcing car door, more than 1 cm thickness, multilayer glass and polycarbonate windows, automatic fire extinguishers, emergency air purification systems, and Rice, which can be renewed 30km. This is also rising from about 5 tons.

Dynamic, new car replace 6.0T double turbocharged V12 engine, the largest Power 612 horsepower, peak torque 830 cattle.

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