New Mingrui Pro specials for listed 10,000 yuan

Since the new Octavia, the new Octavi Pro, this car has triggered a high concern in the industry. Mingrui, since birth to today, has been carried out in 62 years. In 1959, Skoda Octavia replaced 440. At that time, the overall shape of the new car basically did not change; as Skoda joined the mass group, the Volkswagen provided the latest technology to Skoda, in November 1996, the first generation of the mass PQ34 platform was born, Then enter the Chinese market in the form of imported cars.

In 2007, the second-generation Mingrui, which adopts the mass PQ35 platform, realized domestic, equipped with ESP, many intensive safety systems, and began China’s market journey; 2014 In the year, the third generation of Mingrui took the lead in using the MQB platform to produce landing, becoming a household car benchmark; the new Octavia PRO released on May 17, 2021, is the fourth generation model of Mingrui, using the first sedan of the mass MQB EVO platform , Comparable to the new Audi A3.

The platform determines the starting point. MQB EVO platforms have been greatly optimized in security, electrification and intelligence. In terms of safety, the new platform uses a higher proportion of high-strength light quality steel, the safety factor is greatly improved; electrification, using car Ethernet and new CAN bus technology, significantly increase data transmission speed; intelligent, can be equipped with more high Performance sensors and chips to achieve rich smart driving and entertainment features.

The new Octavia PRO is already leading in the same case.

In the mainstream family car, the Sagitar, Sylphy and Civic with the new Octavia PRO were compared with the new Octavia PRO. Sagitar adopts the previous generation of Mingrui platform, and the new Octavia PRO uses the latest digital architecture platform, look up, electronic gear and opening reminder, etc., to bring more intelligent enjoyment.

The configuration of the sylphy is in the previous year, and the new Octavia PRO has a suspended instrumentation, gesture control and intelligent voice function, which can meet modern people.

1.5T of the CivicThe engine power and the comfortable CVT gearbox are inappropriate, and Mingrui PRO uses TSI plus DSG gold power combination, powerful, stable and flexible, not only 100 kilometers of acceleration, but also to meet different road conditions.

It is reported that SAIC Zakka South District brings custom models to consumers, new Octavia PRO luxury financial version and distinguished financial version, of which the luxury financial version of the guide price of 139,900 Yuan, the distinguished financial version of the guide price of 150,900 yuan, and also gave consumers to benefit the policy. Xiaobian learned from Shanghai and Zhejiang dealers that there is no discount in the local Octavia PRO, and the current is absolutely a good time to start the Hunan Yue Qiong Qiong Consumers.

The leading scientific and technological configuration and pro-people’s policy concessions, I believe that the new Octavia Pro will bring better performance in the mainstream family sedan.

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