New modern Kona N official spy photos exposure expects to carry 2.0T power

In the three-week, modern cars have released three Christmas themes, and tell everyone that this is the new N-series model that will be released, and modern cars provide a complete set of “spoilers”. This finally determined that the new N-series models that were about to be released were new Kona N, a high-performance small SUV. It is reported that the new car will be released after weeks.

If there is a bit strange to Kona, it should be a number. Yes, that is, the Beijing Hyundai introduces Domestic Angno, now Koreans have created a “steel gun version” on the basis of new. From this spy photos disclosed, the main design element of the new car is still in line with the standard version of the new Kona, the split-style front headlight group is stunned, the shaded mednet part design should continue the new Kona home Type border shape.

, Kona N is similar to the new KONA in the tail portion, and the lower half of the split taillights becomes more sharp. Give a more fierce visual effect on the back of the new car.

As a high-performance model, a set of attacked body surroundings and related body parts are naturally indispensable. From the spy photos, Kona N has a certain increase in front of the side skirt, which has a certain increase in the size of the standard KONA, and after the next side, there is a visual exhaust, and the wheel is also upgraded to 19. Inch matte black models with red caliper.

Of course, since the “N” word is hung up, there is absolutely no vague in terms of power. The new car is expected to be equipped with the same paragraph of I30 N 2.0-liter, a 4-tube turbine boost engine, the maximum power 276 hp, peak torque 392 cattle. The new car’s probability will pass these power to Kona N’s front wheels through a 8-speed dual-clutch alternator, but there are currently a new car to provide four-wheel-free and 6-speed manual transmission options. In addition, the new car will also provide the layout and sports exhaust.

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