New Porsche 911 GT3 price announced, 161,00

Just, we have obtained a new group of new information from related channels. According to the data, Porsche North America dealers announced the new Porsche 911 GT3 model price, the new car started at $ 161,100 in the North American market, which does not include $ 1350 such as destination.

As a new generation of 911 GT3 models, The new car is not only expensive than the previous generation, and the performance has also improved. In terms of appearance, the new car head position has a stronger pressure aerodynamic kit, especially the styling of the two vents of the front cover position will give people a deep impression.

side, still is elegant and charming The streamlined sports car body design, the new car has been reduced by 1418kg (6mt), and the PDK model is 1435kg. In addition, the new car is also adjusted for the suspension and is different from the normal version 911.

The tail portion, the new car’s largest change It is a large size of the ridge, which can increase the pressure of 50% of the new car, greatly enhance the stability of the vehicle.

buy this car must consider the track Performance, this latest Porsche 911 GT3 can get 12.944 miles (20.832 km) of Northern Ring Road in Nordschleife in 6 minutes 59.927 seconds. In contrast, the last generation of GT3 takes 7 minutes 12.7 seconds, while Porsche GT3 RS also spends6 points 56.4 seconds.

Dynamic, new car is equipped with 4.0L level REO 6-cylinder natural intake engine, maximum power 510 horsepower, peak torque 469 cow middot; rice, transmission system matches 6MT / 7 speed PDK gearbox. Domestic children’s shoes can be, because the model will not enter the country.

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