New products, new logo, new target mass electrification offensive launched in China

“The Volkswagen Group is trying to target the world’s largest manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles.” As one of the world’s largest car manufacturers in the face of great change No car industry a century of the moment, Volkswagen is already clear with electric and digitized into the core of the transformation direction, and to this end press the fast forward button.

October 31, after the completion of the Frankfurt International Motor Show debut, Volkswagen new brand identity and brand design to usher in China starting. At the same time, Volkswagen also show ID. Family all models, the first use of a new car SUV models TACQUA explore the subject of shadow. Not only that, Volkswagen also bring to Chinese consumers the “egg” – the first pure electric vehicle for the Chinese market ID:.. ID shown signs, coupled with the upcoming China-made hatchback models ID.3, public electrification in China ambitions It has been further demonstrated.

a more simple fashion a new identity

The domestic debut of the new LOGO adopt flat design, the new two-dimensional logo simplified contains only basic elements, complete new brand identity recognizable from the concrete of the transition to the flat, suspension design of “W” shape is also further improved. In addition, the brand identity color library including black, blue and red, so that the new brand identity has become more colorful.

in the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, chief marketing officer Jochen Sengpiehl opinion: “With the new Volkswagen, we have given a new look and a new character for our brand. now, we have a brand new look, new logo, more clear, concise and accurate, and suitable for presentation on digital devices of all sizes. “

It is understood that the new Volkswagen logo will be 171 countries or enable the region more than 10,000 new institutions, in addition to the existing approximately 70,000 old logo will be gradually replaced with a new identity. And the new logo in the country’s official release, but also represents the next several months, more than 2,100 dealers in more than 13,000 Chinese identity will be fully replaced.

the first models to use the new logo: TACQUA exploration shadow

after the official release of the new logo, Volkswagen’s first car to use the new logo in Chinese market–TACQUA probe type film also released.

According to reports, in China as a mass market launch of a small SUV, TACQUA exploration and T-Croos shadow, is a city made for the younger crowd new car, to meet the diverse needs of young people. The TACQUA exploration shadow in appearance still maintained a family SUV Volkswagen design language, great fashion sense of power and movement. It is understood that, in the future, the new car will be the FAW – Volkswagen production. Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand chief designer Klaus Bischoff expressed: “TACQUA exploration shadow conveys confidence, we will soon be able to see the shadow TACQUA explore new Volkswagen logo appear together in the streets of China.”

[ 123] in addition, it is worth mentioning that, Jochen Sengpiehl said, also designed for the Volkswagen Group China has created a large luxury business MPV – Viloran. It is understood that the new car will be the first to use SAIC Volkswagen models Volkswagen new logo, will be officially released in late November in Guangzhou auto show. .

ID whole family line appeared: ID.3 domestic debut

mace Volkswagen Group as a killer layout of the new energy market, the whole system activities at the scene, ID family. models also collective appearance. Among them, the upcoming European production models of ID.3 also the country’s first show. It is reported that, ID.3 Volkswagen is based on modular electric drive platform (MEB) of the first mass-produced electric vehicle. On behalf of the ID intelligent design, identity and forward-looking technology, a symbol of zero-emission vehicles included in the ID Series autopilot, intuitive operation and personalized web properties.

At the same time, Volkswagen announced, ID.3 will be made in China at the Shanghai Volkswagen plant in Anting new energy vehicles. In addition, the conference site, the public also brought specifically for the Chinese market’s ID. Has shown signs. It is reported that the SUV will start mass production after 12 months, when it also will be the first public domestic ID. Models.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand Board of Management, Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand China CEO Pingsi Han said: “We bring a new look for the Volkswagen brand, new character,New goals, and new models. ID. ID.3 shown signs and also shows that electric vehicles will become an inevitable choice for the public completely carbon neutral travel. “

Brand new goal: zero emissions travel for everyone

after the launch of a large electric product lineup, Volkswagen also updated their future goals: for zero-emission travel for all. It is understood that Volkswagen has developed a clear long-term development, based on “goTOzero” sustainable development strategy, Volkswagen will begin in 2020, will reduce carbon emissions by a set of indices for the Chinese, so that the implementation process of the strategy itself remains completely transparent to 2025, will be Volkswagen models sold in China and 25 percent to 35 percent pure electric vehicle models; Similarly to 2025, the Volkswagen factory in China to produce one scrap cars will reduce emissions by 30 percent, 30 percent and reducing energy and water consumption.

at the same time, the Volkswagen Group in China will give full support to reach a global scale greenhouse gas emissions throughout the product cycle of the vehicle is reduced by 30 percent goal. to achieve these goals, Volkswagen so far in the production of the vehicle is moving hundreds of improvements . Head According to reports, in order to promote the electrification process in China, SAIC Volkswagen’s new factory is located in Anting under construction, FAW – Volkswagen Foshan factory is producing the transition to electric vehicles to the end of next year, the plant will be completed in two year. total capacity of up to 600,000.

overall, after Volkswagen Group developed a comprehensive electrification of the goal, and as ID.3, ID. MEB began to take a series based on the new platform pure electric vehicles to enter China, the mass electrification strategy will be landing in the world’s largest electric car market Pingsi Han said:. “since 2018, Volkswagen has launched 14 new models in the Chinese market, including 5 new of SUV models. But the community did not stop there. In the future, there will be more new models hit the market, fully interconnected era is coming. And Volkswagen is carrying out a large-scale offensive electric travel. By 2020, Volkswagen will launch 10 new energy-based versions of existing models. To 2023, Volkswagen will have 10 models of pure electric ID. Models available. “

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