New Subaru BRZ has opened blind bidding in China.

It is reported that the new Subaru BRZ is still open, and it is expected that 400 full quota is expected to be delivered within 2021.

The new car is still along the current platform, and the appearance uses a new design, but it is still similar to the current payment. A relatively large change is also on the side skirt, and there is an opening similar to the ventilation next to the wing plate. The coupe design is designed with a car tail design, which is very dynamic.

The maximum change in interior is to change the central control screen, 8 inches in the 8-inch control screen with a 7-inch LCD instrument, and other approximately varied. This interior is also a short time. Basically change the soup, do not change the medicine, what can I see a new set? In addition, the new Subaru Brz will add Subaru Eyesight to actively safe and driving aid.

The new Subaru BRZ is equipped with 2.4L horizontal opposing four-cylinder engine, the maximum power is 220 hp, the peak torque 240 is a cow Meter. Dynamic is slightly improved compared to the cash, but there is still no T. Transmission matching 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed manual transmission.

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