New Subaru WRX will release 2.4T horizontal opposing engines on August 19th

Recently, Subaru officially announced that the new Subaru WRX model will be officially unveiled on August 19th, and the official also issued a second new car trailer, showing the upper part of the vehicle. The debut is the officially released in the form of online video in the New York Auto Show on August 19.

From a new foreplay, you can find that new cars still use standard four-door design, overall design lines. It looks a little familiar, but the details have changed. For example, the C-cylinder corner side portion is compared to the previous generation model, and the line becomes the design, while the C-column extends from the roof to the width of the wing panel. At the same time, the tail should be equipped with a small spoiler, and the roof is also equipped with shark fin decoration.

In addition to the appearance and interior, there will be updated, the power system of the new car will also use the 2.4T turbocharged horizontal number of four-cylinders of the 2.4T turbocharged level of FA24. The engine is currently applying at overseas versions of Subaru Lion, proud tiger and other models, as a reference, the engine maximum power 260 hp, maximum torque 376 cattle, rice, and after assembling the WRX model, it is expected to have new adjustments. The power performance will be further enhanced.

In combination with the previous spy photos, the front of the new car is still equipped with a top engine air intake, and the tail will also use a total of four excessive exhaust layouts. All details can perfectly reflect the “JDM feelings” of the WRX model. The official also played “Legends Only Grow Stronger” in his official website (Legend will only become more powerful), which makes us more expecting new cars.

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