New Subaru WRX / WRX STI will take 2.4T horizontal opposite four-cylinder engine

Recently, we learned from the relevant channels that the new generation of Subaru WRX, the WRX STI model will use the new generation of 86 / brz with the number of four-cylinder engines with the 2.4T level of the code FA24, and the specific adjustment according to different models. School output.

New car is released The new generation of Subaru Levorg with the platform, it can be seen as a travel version of the Wing Leopard, WRX model. Therefore, the details of the new car appearance can basically refer to Levorg, with a simple design language, with sharp line sensation, giving people a strong styling.

In terms of power, the WRX model is equipped with the maximum power of 300 hp, and more than 32 hp, which is expected to match the simulation of 8 block CVT gearboxes. The maximum power of the WRX STI model is 345 horsepower, which has increased by 35 horsepower than the current model, and it is expected to match the 6-speed manual transmission. Inside the Subaru official has released a new generation of WRX models, it is speculated that the new car will officially appear in the coming months.

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