New Xiaopeng G3 spy photos exposure, replacement Xiaopeng p7 with front face

车 讯 网 reports ] Recently, the online flowing out of the spy photos of the new Xiaopeng G3, the new car is charging in the logo, and it is related to the thickness. It is reported that the new car is expected to be this year. The next half of the year officially released and listed on sale.

As can be seen from the figure, the front face change of the new car is more obvious, and it is expected to use the through LED daytime running light, with a divided headlight, of course, this front face design and Xiaopeng P7 have an episode The wonderful, so, Xiaopeng’s products also formed family-style unified design style. In addition, the new car has also used double five radiation rims.

Although there is no spy photos of new cars and interiors, it is not difficult to speculate through a significant change in front of the face, and the change of car and interior is equally significant. Let us continue to pay attention.

Editor’s comment

As the mountaineering of Xiaopeng Auto, Xiaopeng G3 originated from the Swordless headlights of the Star Wars have left a deep Impression, now, with the growing family of Xiaopeng’s car products, the family-style design of the trip is now, so there is a spy photos of Today’s G3 “changing face”, all friends who like Xiaopeng can continue to pay attention to the car Xinxun follow-up report.

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