Nissan JUKE unveiled a whole new generation three-cylinder 1.0T take power

Recently, Nissan officially released a new generation JUKE, as a replacement model, the second generation JUKE continuation of the first generation model slightly weird “ugly Moe” style in appearance, full of personality, but also become more fashionable . On the power, switched to a new car 1.0T inline three-cylinder engine, or 7DCT matching 6MT gearbox. In addition, according to foreign media, said about the new car will start selling at the end, the basic version is priced at 17,395 pounds (equivalent to RMB 155,100 yuan), while Premiere Edition version of the model is priced at 23,995 pounds (equivalent to RMB 213,900 yuan) . In addition, Nismo’s flagship performance version of the model will be released in the future.

The front face section, the new layout JUKE still continues the current model, split by the band-like elongate strip headlight lamps upper and lower circular lamps constitution, but in the V-motion 2.0 design language is even more elegant. Detail, also using a cellular car mesh grille, the guard plate or the like gray color.

sideways section, the ratio of new JUKE still very dynamic and unique, compact body covered with a large number of sharp lines, hidden rear door handle is retained, such that look sideways up like a two-door models. In addition, two-tone body, not surprisingly appeared in the brand-new JUKE, also with matching two-tone 19-inch diameter wheels, looks very dynamic.

the rear portion of the car more three-dimensional shape, a quadrangular projection taillight significantly to the vehicle body with lines and rich layering and heavy tailgate panel surrounding the post, full sense of design. Taillights using rose red background, plus rear spoiler, shark fin antenna and other details, the overall visual effect is more personalized. Dimensions, length and breadth of the new car for the 4210/1800 / 1595mm, wheelbase unpublished, while the curb weight is slightly lower compared to the previous model the 23kg.

The new JUKE interior also features a new design, the symmetrical center console, using a large number of Alcantara wrapping material, along with up to five circular air-conditioning outlet 8 inches floating large screen, flatBottom leather multifunction steering wheel, and the automatic air conditioning, shift paddles, a start key, electronic parking brake configurations. In the door trim, surrounding Dangba, box seats and handrails, etc., the new car also offers more in Alcantara, brought a very strong sense of quality.

Display configuration, eight inches in machine control panel built NissanConnect vehicle provided Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Internet phone, mobile phone remote control (e.g., lighting control / positioning / lock ) and other functions. In addition the new car will provide Nissan ProPilot suite, built-in adaptive cruise, automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, driver assistance or active safety features. In addition, officials said the new JUKE interior space has also been compared to the first generation model upgrade, for example, rear legroom increase 5.8cm, increased headroom 1.1cm, trunk volume reached 422 liters, an increase of 20 compared to the previous model %.

power, a car equipped with the new inline three-cylinder gasoline engine 1.0T, the maximum power of 118 horsepower, 6-speed manual transmission system match or 7-speed double clutch gearbox and to provide a precursor for the election and four-wheel type.

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