Nissan new generation Z Nismo false diagram announced or 2022 debut

Recently, we have obtained a diagram of a new generation of Z Nismo version models from the relevant channels, a new car or a 2022 Tokyo Auto Show officially unveiled.

From this imaginary picture, it is not difficult to see that the front face of the NISMO appearance kit is from GT-R Nismo, black red and two-color surroundings with a new generation of Z The painting wind is very energetic, and the white car will further increase the visual impact, very dynamic and radical. There are two bristles similar to GT-R on the engine cover, and the rear view mirror also uses a black-red colored design. At the same time, the periphery of the carbon fiber skirt has red decoration, integrating with the front lips, the overall effect is very smooth, which is the pen. In addition, the new car is expected to also add carbon fiber tail, which is used to produce higher pressure during track, bringing better handling performance.

There is currently no information about performance, but we are not difficult to guess the new car will have more excellent suspension, steering and braking system than the new generation Z, and the power will also be in the existing 400 hp 3.0T double turbine. Based on the booster V6 engine is further improved.

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