Nissan released Ariya pure electric crossover concept car brand innovation of the open road

[ Chexun Wang reported ] Recently, Nissan released Ariya pure electric crossover concept car, which the concept car uses dual-motor design, with a strong acceleration performance, complemented by an award-winning Nissan intelligent driver assistance systems. Which concept car released Nissan brand mark innovation of open road.

Ariya Nissan electric crossover concept car interior is spacious, comfortable and equipped with many high-tech features, the perfect interpretation of the pure electric car clean property. This section models of the design reflects Nissan’s vision for the future in terms of personal mobile travel, that is to ensure the safety and at the same time ultra-zero emissions, electric vehicles and intelligent by the change, for users to create new and seamless comfort travel experience.

in the design, Nissan Ariya pure electric crossover concept car continues the Nissan IMx zero-emission concept car classic design elements, including former Nissan iconic V-motion grille, unique differentiated taillights, suspension design and different from the traditional models of spacious interiors have been preserved after the short. It is reported that Nissan Ariya pure electric crossover concept car will be mass production in the near future.

Ariya Nissan electric crossover concept car combines ldquo; smooth and fluid (Sleek) rdquo;, ldquo; seamless (Seamless) rdquo;, ldquo; compelling (Sexy) rdquo; the design concept for this new design language has made an excellent interpretation. It comprises a wide front fender, very narrow LED headlights, front shroud (very design features of conventional fuel vehicles on the front grille) and can be coupled with customized decorative emitting Nissan logo. Meanwhile, when the V-motion before lighting face iconic shield portion will appear ldquo; exquisite rdquo; geometric pattern.

As the body silhouette highlights, Nissan Ariya pure electric crossover concept car is equipped with a custom 21 inches five wheels, low, flowing roof line to allow vehiclesIt has ldquo; worn rdquo; air trend. At the same time, Nissan Ariya pure electric crossover concept car tail design also uncharacteristically large angled C-pillar design and muscular highly integrated rear door. One-piece black smoked taillights around throughout the body, rear fender and installed at a high level rear spoiler highlights the sense of power virtually Ariya Nissan electric crossover concept car implied.

If Ariya Nissan electric crossover concept car’s exterior design is mainly expressed ldquo; smooth and fluid (Sleek) rdquo; and ldquo; striking (Sexy) rdquo ; two design concept, the design reflects the interior part of the ldquo; seamless (seamless) rdquo; concept, but it also represents a blend of technology and everyday life, as well as the interpretation of Japan’s craft.

due to the cancellation of the traditional switch and button design, so that the center console Nissan Ariya pure electric crossover concept car became very tidy. Ariya start Nissan electric crossover concept car combines a touch screen in the control function will be lit, and when the vehicle is powered off, the control panel will disappear from the surface. The only physical buttons are the center console ldquo; Start rdquo; button to control 12.3 inches screen and air-conditioning system, which cleverly hidden under the center console wood trim. The central control panel is the perfect blend between the door and the interior trim elements, but not invisible after closing.

ldquo; Nissan Chi Heng (Nissan Intelligent Mobility) rdquo; flag

science and technology, which the concept car is equipped with Nissan the award-winning pilot ProPILOT 2.0 intelligent control technology. This technique may be used to assist in driving on the highway, by the combined use with the navigation system of the vehicle so that the vehicle traveling according to a predetermined route specified in the road, while the system may also assist in processing overtaking, changing lanes, etc. and leave the motorway operating.

In addition, this technique can also specifyAutomatic driving lane when cruising, allowing the driver hands off the steering wheel. When driving the fork or overtaking, the system will be based on the sensor information and the 360 ​​degree navigation system provides, it is determined beyond the right time to enter the vehicle or fork. Sound and intuitive visual cue can alert the driver to put his hands on the steering wheel back, and confirmed by the above start operation key switch. When ProPILOT 2.0 intelligent control technology pilot intervention, suggesting internal light will change color to alert the driver with both hands off the steering wheel may create a more relaxed driving environment for the driver.

Nissan Ariya pure electric crossover concept car ndash; Nissan electric vehicles ldquo; New World rdquo;

Nissan Motor Co. on behalf of executives Yamauchi Yasuhiro (Yasuhiro Yamauchi) He represents: ldquo; Nissan for future global mobile travel has a clear vision. Nissan Ariya pure electric crossover concept car is only a beginning, Nissan is thinking about how to change the car’s design through the new electric car platform, manufacturing and enhance driving pleasure. Ariya Nissan electric car is not a far-fetched concept of cross-border travel concept, it is more like a to lsquo; Chi Heng Nissan (Nissan Intelligent Mobility) rsquo; the core, is about to fall and to achieve a new driving experience of the product. rdquo;

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