Not 200,000 sports sedan, new Volkswagen Lingdu, Character 03 + Who is better?

To say the model of the domestic market, the leading 03+ is calculated, and the new Volkswagen Lingdu, which has just been listed recently, is also a special. Then we may wish to make comparisons with these two cars, with Lingdu 2021 280TSI DSG comfort version (price of 176,900 yuan), and 2021 Lead 03+ 2.0TD automatic hunting version (price of 1.858 million yuan) Comparison, see who is more dominant, who is more exercise?

[123 ] Volkswagen Lingdu bias fashion, leading 03+ bias. In fact, the design style of these two cars is very similar to the main stylish, sports style, but the leader 03 + lamp group design, the front surrounding design is more personal. Everyone likes the style, everyone is good according to your needs.

The interior has each adopted family design, leading 03+ update tide. Volkswagen Lingu is more stable, traditionally, like air-conditioned air, steering wheel, embellishment or leader 03+ more beautifully. The difference between the two cars is nearly 9,000 yuan, and the leader 03+ configuration is richer. More front and rear roller air bags, all car seat belts have not been reminded, economic / standard driving mode, sports kit, remote start, steering wheel change, covaround electric adjustment, road traffic call, steering headlights, etc., but Ling Tu It is also more confirmed than the packet 03+, engine start and stop technology, electric sunroof, etc.

Cable 03+ size leading the public Linglu, space more advantage . Lingdu (long-range height is 4615/1826 / 1425mm, axial distance 2656mm) compared to packet 03+ (length and wide height is 4677 / 1840mm, axial distance 2730mm), but two cars ride space It should be contrary to the upper and lower, can meet the needs of daily car.

The power is obvious, the leader 03+ is better. Ling Tu is 1.4T engine + 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, maximum power is 150 horsepower. The catency 03+ is used in a 2.0T engine + 8 speed automatic transmission, the maximum power is 254 hp. Whether it is performance or displacement, it is a leader 03+ dominance, and the difference between the two cars is still relatively large, but Lingdu is fully enough.

Written in the last:

Although it is a mainstay, it is still a thousand autumn, the new Volkswagen Lingdu surface movement, the whole is biased towards home, and the leading 03+ model quot; more exercise Quot;, and have rich configuration, powerful power, and understand the meaning of sports. However, the difference between these two cars is nearly 9,000 yuan, like personality, care, can choose Clear 03+. (Photo source network)

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