Offer to buy a car to the maximum of the month? November 2019 sales released!

Can you imagine, in the first half of this year “avalanche” of the domestic passenger car market, even once the year will usher in the biggest auto market to pick up in the biting cold of November. So in the end this is to pick up a beacon for the winter? Huiguangfanzhao before the last cold wave or enter it? DETAILED had from the following analysis data!

just to see the car when the list data in November, I could not believe my eyes. And the top two Sunny Sylphy, even both exceeded the 50,000 / month sales mark. Especially Sunny Shanghai Volkswagen was even greater than last year’s sales also rose 22 percentage so horrible predicament sales data, hard not to daydream is not the end of the impulse to manufacturers, but did caused substantial discount.

Sylphy here with a good reputation in the “black car” driver in, plus two generations of sales policy, so that sales have reached a staggering point. Especially the old Sylphy Once you have a few million offer, the price is simply bursting.

The next 3-6 is domestic A-class car market mainstay – Corolla, Bora and Sagitar Hideo, and is ranked seventh in the country B class car sales king, SAIC Passat from Volkswagen. Although the crash test C-IASI, the Volkswagen Passat exposed the true level, but for a home sold in more than 20 years of models, a strong mass base does not affect the nude beach at low tide!

At the same time, in the fourteenth position on the list, A6L from FAW-Volkswagen Audi has finally reached the hot list, nearly 17,000 units for a full sales down nearly 400,000 models is very rare. The reason why the new A6L able to achieve such impressive results, in fact, the key factor is the price. Minimum allocation models nude car price of 330,000 yuan, hit a lot of potential customers instantly weakness, luxurious “popsicles” Logo is not the same price Cadillac CT6 Comparable!

even no exaggeration to say that the current price of the terminal and the new generation A6L has basically been a big sale when similar! So it is no wonder that it will achieveSuch impressive results. After

Following last month’s Harvard H6 broke through 40,000 / month sales mark in November Hover H6 once again push up their scores high, reaching 4.1 million units of performance, and well ahead of second place Chang’an CS75.

Although Chang’an CS75 sales data is less than “a national SUV” Hover H6, but with a CS75 PLUS listed, let this almost “completely cool” in the first half of domestic SUV back to life, and jumped to second place overall list. In addition, because the big selling CS75 PLUS, so Changan Automobile sales this month became the fastest progress in car prices.

and came in third place but is not familiar to us, “the generation of God car” Volkswagen Tiguan, but rather explore the mountain from Volkswagen. In recent months, although sales explore Yue is steadily growing, but who would not think that Yue now explore even completely replaced the original Tiguan, Tiguan and devoured nearly half of the original market share, and incidentally the Tiguan pulled the eleventh position. So the strength of terror, I guess we can only appear in the internal public.

In addition to the mass civil war, their consumption of dead generals outside a Honda XR-V and Bin Chi also appeared in the case infighting this month, with a 2.5 million discount rate, Bin Chi directly to the XR-V kicked out of the list SUV sales chart!

and Audi side of Q5L finally boarded the fifteenth list, think about the beginning only a few thousand vehicles sales, it appears that is the discount sales the first productivity growth.

MPV market here, there have been sales rose small margin. Wuling Hongguang, Buick GL8 and 730 Po Chun continue to sit tight 1,2,3 name sales chart. And fourth place were occupied by Dongfeng popular, taking into account the current situation goods orders hot Lara, Dongfeng popular is perhaps the most affordable price of large-size models.

In addition toDaily list in front of several players, the rest of the MPV are also our list of regulars, but came in fourteenth BYD Song MAX has suffered the most serious in the history of “Waterloo” event.

As to participate in C-IASI crash test models more than a few banner of “Land Tank” model name, have gradually been prodding, and which is the most affected BYD Song MAX. Because of this, many for safety buy BYD Song MAX owners, will have to find new models of intent.

From the above list, we can easily find three, the last in 2019, the second month, the Chinese market car prices collective force, trying to make up for the early and mid-year sales slump. And in order to promote consumer spending, many companies are also greatly reduced card, even a “fratricidal” a hundred years to see such scenes. According to the current view of this situation, the sales data in December 2019, and probably a new high. Of course, this also shows that you want to buy a car, now is the time to start with!

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