“Official modification” is in battle, which is your dish?

I don’t know if you pay attention, after 2021, more and more autonomous official modified stations are under spotlights. Some is a mass production car that can be directly “on the card”, some is to showcase the new brand, the official modified case of the model, and some are even a real racing.

On the 2021 Chongqing Auto Show, the “artillery” model in the Great Wall gun series is officially listed, and the double door short-axis design is matched with the off-road suite. Today, these “official reform” models have shown the changes in the domestic auto market, and when the car is no longer only the transportation, the major mainsmen have begun to rethinking the cultural cultural. So, what are the “official reform” models worth paying attention to in the near future? Let’s take a look.

Hard nuclear double door short-axis pickup new choice – Great Wall Artillery

As a fire, the most hard core “Official Modification” – “Artillery” adopts a double-door short-axis model, which has a body size that is more suitable for off-road sections. In terms of the price, the official guidance price of the new car is 179,800 yuan, the more the rivers are different compared to the market. In addition, the official is the first batch of 68 owners, launched 8848 yuan equity spree, consumers can turn on the limited purchase of the APP in “Cannon”.

The artillery is still based on the Great Wall Group’s tank platform, which is compared to the multi-row of row, and the new car is also installed in the short-shaped short-axis design. The body design is more coarse mine. From the perspective, the official is equipped with Borg Wanna minutes four-wheel drive system, front and rear bridge electronic differential lock, nitrogen shock absorber, Bairi Ko2 tire, front winch, water throat, etc. Let the artillery’s cross-country genes pure.

Body performance, thanks to two short-axis design, Great Wall artillery has stronger through performance, the new axle distance is only 2745 mm, with 28deg; vertical pass The angle and the highest approach to the ground gap are guaranteed that the Great Wall Artillery will be greatly improved, and the flexibility in the limit state is also stronger.

Power,The Great Wall Artillery is equipped with a 2.0T high-power engine, the maximum power is 160 kW, the peak torque is 380 cattle MIDDOT; rice, matches the EF 8AT gearbox. According to official introduction, the Great Wall Artillery provides an economic / standard / sports / snow / mud / sand / low-speed four-wheel drive a total of 7 all-in-terrain driving modes.

It is undeniable that the Great Wall can be absolutely one of the most popular pickup models in the domestic market. If the past country modification is monopolized by the high-end models of overseas brands, then in the pickup market for many years, the Great Wall Group has been successfully done through the flag of the Great Wall. The joining of the Great Wall Artillery is further enriched by consumers’ choices, allowing the more hard players to choose from to the right model.

Domestic Yue Wild Leather Card New Selection – Jianghuai Husu Mountain Cat

With the name of the Great Wall gun Greeting bigger, many independent brands are locked in the market segment of the Yue Wild Picklet. Nowadays, Jianghuai has also launched the Bumco version of the Babatoc cat under its “official reform”, and the sales price range is 1.668 million to 1.868 million yuan.

In design, Jianghuai 途 山 版 版 版 普 普 版 版 版 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是Hardcore. Professional off-road equipment everywhere, but also highlights its “ambition.” The new car replaces the newly designed front bumper shape, increasing many off-road equipment, such as front winch, 17-inch anti-off rim. In terms of body size, the new car length is 5330 (5620) / 1965/1920 mm, and the wheelbase is 3,110 (3400) mm; the size is 1520 (1810) / 1590/470 mm.

Further, Jianghuai Husu Mount Edition upgraded 22 sections of nitrogen shock shock absorber, water-water throat, water tank to strengthen small Rice beam, high strength water tank guard and can The selection of the rear bridge mechanical limit slip differential lock. At the same time, ABS EBD, tire pressure monitoring, brake assist, uphill assist, emergency braking reminder, etc.It is possible.

Dynamic, Jianghuai Husu Mountain Cat is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged diesel four-cylinder engine, the maximum power is 150 hp, peak torque 350 cow middot; rice, satisfaction Six emission standards. In terms of transmission systems, new cars match 6-speed manual gearbox and four-wheel drive system.

The front of the Great Wall cannon, seems to have a bonus road in the self-owned brand pickup market, with the exterior of hardship, and the interior of the passenger. Coupled with hard-core off-road suits, it seems to always touch the consumer’s heart. The Great Wall can not be the only choice of this level. The off-road pickup market is still a Blue Sea, and the “official revision” model of the Jianghuai Husu Mountain Cat version can find enough living space.

Domestic hardist SUV modified top flow – tank 300

Top 2021 GT SHOW, off-road modified cars When the red protagonist is 300, the number of exhibitions can even be comparable to the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Prado and other foreign brands. In addition, the tank brand has also launched a very much “official reform” model based on the tank 300. The space is limited, and you can see several representative.

When the Tank 300 Saibu is unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, the tank booth is crowded with the crowd, and this tank 300 does not consider practicality. The Sai Bo version is in the construction of a sense of technology and the luxurious atmosphere, and it is stood out in many new cars.

The car canceled the traditional LOGO, replaced with a running LED daytime driving light. The unique front bumper and the fog lamp group design, and the round eyebrows that highlight the body of the body and then match the tip radiopulus hub, showing a very different visual effect, but also provides new style cases for civil modification.

At the same time, although the interior of the tank 300 Saibo version did not change significantly, the large-scale white pair of chrome plated detail, showing a very futuristic and luxuriousColor matching, pulling the visual effect to a full point. It has brought more precise and even exaggerated.

Tank 300 top fire modification version will oriented completely bonded off-road style. On color matching, two-color car paint with exclusive top fire, creating a strong retro. At the same time, the new car also upgrades the full set of off-road suits, including the new design of the hood, the Zhongwang and the front bumper reveals full of wild. At the same time, the widening eyebrows were exchanged, and the size of the larger AT fetal was taken, further meeting the off-road needs.

It is worth mentioning that the tank 300 Yunyi modification version has now entered the Industry and Information Directory, which has become a “official reform” model that can be directly on the card. The car replaced the new design of the body surrounded, and the eyebrows added rivets design, which is expected to be more fast and convenient to disassemble the eyebrows. In addition, the hub also adopts a new shape, and it is very hard to match the visual effect of the A / T fetus. At the same time, the new car provides options such as water-related throat, front winch, further reduces the amount of modification in the late trip of Cheyou.

In fact, the third-party modified case of the optical tank 300 is enough to talk about “three days and three nights”. More and more modified brands are willing to introduce a modified kit with a performance and color value of the domestic model. It is no longer only pursuing foreign brands. For off-road modification circles, this is absolutely called a very exciting good news. . Whether it is modified or off-road, the most important thing is not how much, but is an attitude towards difficulties.

Domestic off-road modified OG-Beijing off-road BJ40 rainforest cross version

Before the tank 300, Beijing off-road BJ40 can be said to be the “unique choice” of this level, like the body of the Wrangler, bringing the natural cross-country, can adapt more steerous road conditions. At the same time, it also provides a more demise space, whether it is a stable “official reform” model, or directly replaced the drum and four-wheel drive system, BJ40 can be competent.

The severe official modulation model of BJ40 is called the rainforest version, which is from Beijing off-road official modified brand – BJ North Ji, with professional system support, can develop design and customization for off-road scenarios and specific professional performance requirements. The BJ40 rainforest passes is a comprehensive improvement plan for BJ Niji Based on BJ40 PLUS.

Like the Jeep Wrangler Jungle Heroes Limited Edition, the BJ40 rainforest passes will also focus on the performance of the vehicle. Compared with the former, the modification of the BJ40 rainforest through the version is more “fever”. Whether it is a 23-stage nitrogen shock shock absorber, forging the control arm, the rear spiral spring is still a rear axle differential lock, which is really true. Essentials to enhance off-road performance. The 15 professional modifications, which can meet the most modified off-road enthusiasts to improve performance levels.

In terms of appearance, BJ40 rainforest traversed version replaced strongly and durable manganese steel material head bar and wheel eyebrows, forged aluminum alloy wheels and Bairi KO2 all terrain tires , With a powerful chassis armor and reinforced spare tire bracket. While ensuring more handsomeness, it is even more excellent “Submetry” to break the “binding” again, so that the ground clearance is 75 mm compared to BJ40 PLUS. 42deg; close to the corner, 37deg; leaving the corner, with 30deg; longitudinally passing the angle, obtaining more optimal passage, the water-related capacity is further improved, and the maximum 60deg; climbing.

The most important thing is that the BJ40 rainforest passes is a factory official re-reimbursement passer car that can be legally on, compared to the third-party modification plan, BJ40 rain forest crossing The version has better reliable, durable, safety quality, official modified products with post-maintenance 4S shop to be responsible, avoiding users’ troubles from post-maintenance and incurable diseases.

In addition to the official modulation type, BJ40 has a richer and mature modification case. If the modification case of the tank 300 is enough to “three days and three nights”, thenIt can be specially organized for BJ40, of course, Beijing off-road official is really doing. At present, the editorial classmates who bought the car network Buycar have been going to “Beijing Cross Country Culture Festival”, and you can explore in the video.

“Landly Project” of the TCR Stadium – Master 6 XPower

In the past few years, the TCR stadium appeared There are more and more Chinese brands, whether it is a pilot or Mark, has a good result. However, the TCR gene is directly removed from the “official reform” model, and the Master 6 XPower is indeed a single copy. XPower is not exposed to air, it was born in 2001, focusing on the development and production of high-performance sports cars. Nowaday, the Mercure XPower has enabled it to become the official modified brand of March.

The design of the MG 6 XPower integrated into a large number of MG TCR racing elements, the overall body design, surrounded by the original TCR racing characteristics. First of all, the new car uses “绿” handmade metal paint, and the black green gradient is very textured. At the same time, the exaggerated front surrounding shape and wide-body suite of the new car is very difficult to believe this is a model of mass production.

On the modified configuration, the new car will upgrade the front spoiler, the head air opening, the wide body surrounding, the rear tail, and the diffuser. In addition, aluminum alloy forging rims, Michelin Pilot Sport CUP2 high-performance half-hot molten tires, track orientation 920E 6 piston calipers, has fully complied with a full demand for official modulation models.

Further, on the chassis configuration, the new car also replaces the enhanced McFesson front suspension, the rear suspension is equipped with a high performance single-cylinder shock absorber, chassis The height is reduced by 10 mm. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a 1.5T engine motor, the maximum power is 305 hp, the maximum torque 480 cattle MIDDOT; Rice. Match 10 Speed ​​EDU Second Generation Smart Electric Drive Transmission Box, 100 km acceleration is only 6 seconds, and the braking distance is only 33 meters.

Vehicle Reviews:

What is more exciting than an official change? Compared with the Normal University, the status of the March 6 XPower is more like A 45, RS 3 or M2, which belongs to the performance version of the armed to teeth. Whether it is hardware configuration or power parameters, this car does not pick anything, look forward to the performance of its actual end test, and buying a car network Buycar will continue to pay attention.

Original factory self-contained effect – Guangzhou Automobile Chuanjie Leopard

As the first in the field of automobile modification One of several Chinese brands, Guangqi Chuanqi also held a modification competition for their own models in the past few years, but did not stick to it. Of course, if you want the user to “more than the sky”, the model must also be modified. Perhaps because of this reason, Guangqi Chuanjie leopard is coming.

Guangqi Chuan Chi Leopard is actually provided with two different styles of kits, although based on Chuanqi GPMA platform, the former McAfson is multi-purpose The suspension system of the rod is unique, and such a matching is often more in the medium-sized middle cars in the middle and high-end positioning, and the leopard has been optimized for motion performance.

In the design, the original version of the large-size black air grid is used to identify, exaggerated appearance kits, showing the sports style of the leopard. When it comes to the tail, the new car is also equipped with bilateral total four exhausts, and the large-size diffuser further creates a strong atmosphere.

Dynamic Top water cooling medium cooling, high pressure jet and other techniques. Thermal efficiency exceeds 40%, maximum power 177 hp, peak torque 270 cattle MIDDOT; Rice. With the engine with the 7-speed dicing dual-clutch gearbox, the transmission efficiency of 96%, the transmission efficiency of the new car is 6.95 seconds.

Further, the official also broughtA vast A55 track version based on a vast leopard. That’s true, this is indeed a complete car. The details have made a large change. The customized track is full of design. It is a bit similar to the motor warrior. This design is really beautiful, just don’t know How is practicality in the field.

From the outside, the new car also installed large-sized spoiler and diffuser, and modified 19-inch racing wheels from Italy OZ brand, equipped with multiplier Fully hot melt tire. On the brake system, the vehicle adopts the PRO 5000R four-lived plunger caliper with large size scribed brake discs from AP Racing, with R2 Athletic twisted shock absorber from Taiwan.

The self-owned brand sports model has always been a fine market that is not hot. Guangqi Chuanqi’s current sales volume is not ideal. The shadow leopard launched in this background is definitely a brave attempt to Guangqi Chuan. Of course, this attempt has undoubtedly showing Guangqi Chuanqi hopes to gather young consumer groups to further try the brands’ determination. From the perspective of the product, the productive power of the leopard is excellent. According to the current news, the Great Leopard A55 track version will participate in domestic automobile events, but the official information is not disclosed, but I hope that the future can see more and more Chinese brands in the field.

Editor’s summary:

Six models, pickups, hardcore SUVs and sports sedans are covered in enrich consumers While choosing, it is undeniable that China’s brand is the construction of culturalization, and it is a place to go forward in one step by step, step by step to consumers really need. Once, China’s modification culture has been in gray zone, illegal modification, and inferior fake modified products. Nowadays, when China’s car companies began to lead the cultural, professional modified brands introduced from the right track channels, professional modification stores (factory) and modified technicians emerge, will guide this circle to the right track, attract more and more lovely modified users, You can really experience the fun of modification. The future of China’s modification culture is available.

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