On CES, what new energy models to look forward to?

CES is the world’s largest and most influential exhibition of electronic products, while many car companies have come up with their latest exhibition of new energy vehicles. The author believes that the following two new energy vehicles is worth the wait.

First Wrangler PHEV version. Wrangler PHEV version of the Fiat Chrysler will show the latest electric technology, Uconnect user experience and intelligent network linking technology, then I believe the comparison of fuel version of the Wrangler, Wrangler PHEV version would give consumers a new friend car experience.

Further BMW i3UrbanSuite. BMW i3 BMW is one of the first to launch a pure electric car, unveiled at CES this BMW i3UrbanSuite have to upgrade and evolve. In the design, the BMW i3UrbanSuite is still full of personality and full of futuristic and technological sense, and did not look out of date. Furthermore, BMW i3UrbanSuite interiors have a comprehensive reform, the back also set up a comfortable “boss seat,” makes us look forward.

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