On the Hongqi H9, I saw the hope of Chinese luxury brands.

On August 23, 2020, the red flag C +-level luxury car was officially listed, and the red flag H9 was named. On the Red Flag H9, you can almost see the Hongqi all the hooded skills. Such as longitudinal rear drive platform, 3.0T V6 machine boost engine, soft and hard adjustment air suspension, this matching representative is not only the top hard core of Hongqi, but also the top technology level of China’s brand.

If you have concerned with the red flag H9, you must hear a lot of sounds, how do you choose the red flag H9 with BBA? ? The price range of 30.98 million to 5.398 million is indeed with the Audi A6L, Mercedes-Benz E, and BMW 5 Series has a larger price overlap. But of course, the red flag H9 has a longitudinal rear drive, 3.0T V6, air suspension, this series of simple technologies, only the target BBA. After all, the light is listening, 3.0T is sincere with 2.0T, and the longitudinally drifting is higher than the random. I have been impacting high-end, and China’s auto companies have been working hard for many years, but they have only red flags with high-end impact.

Red Flag H9 positioning C +-level luxury sedan, 5137mm, the bus length is 3060mm, the inland profile is very in line with the expectations of the Chinese, and also comfortable The ride space has made a foundation. In addition, the many details of the Hongqi H9 are full of “Shang Middot; cause MIDDOT; Italian” brand new design language, “Chinese new high-quality exquisiteist” brand concept.

Take the red flag H9 the most domineering front face, the overall layout is very elegant, the waterfall is vertical The type grille, with the flat long headlights, the surface can be described as an powerful, with a strong sense of majesty, the image is extremely consistent with the positioning of the red flag H9.

and the front of the front of the headway is penetrating the high side waist line of the car, and there is a large-scale sedan. Power and thick feelings, lookIt’s very solemn. At the same time, the Hongqi H9 uses a hidden door handle that is often used by electric vehicles, which is also a sense of time.

The design of the car tail is also very attractive, and the penetrating taillights are very common, but in H9 After the interior of the taillights, the chrome-plated knitting strip is formed, there is two layers of design, which exhibits the unique charm, and is visually present, and the combination is unforgettable, and personality is full.

Entering the Hongqi H9 car, give me the first impression is enough to support the luxury positioning of the Red Flag, and the main reasons except interiors With a large number of soft cortical packages, like the central handrail, seat, and back, the central handrail, etc., a large number of wood grain, metal panels and suture leather, and texture.

Plus, red flag H9 double 12.3-inch liquid crystal display, the sense of view is very impact, center console Without excessive physical buttons, the layout is quite concise, including shifts, functional selection only needs to operate through the knob in the central area, convenient and usage habits are the mainstream design.

Further, the red flag H9 built-in red flag SMILE 1.0 smart vehicle system can make you “gentleman moving” , Just say a sentence: Hey, Hongqi can give it a directive directly, such as “I want to navigate”, “I want to listen to songs” and so on. From the actual embodiment, the speed of the vehicle is smooth.

Of course, there is nothing more important than a potential customer in red flag H9. The Hongqi H9 is equipped with a luxurious late back row independent seat. The wide central channel is equipped with a hidden cup holder and a central independent control system. The back row passenger mobile finger-headed electric seats, seat ventilation / heating and pressMotor function, “activation” back to adjust the semi-lying position of the big elevation angle, you can feel full of package, soft and hard design is just right.

As a C +-level deluxe car, its mission is to make the occupant get a more ultimate comfort experience. So, before testing this red flag H9, I didn’t say it on the back row, first, feel this car, how comfortable. For most vehicles, “long” ride can also ensure that certain comfort is almost difficult. After all, go down in the road to urban congestion, and the space in the car is so depressed, and it will definitely feel very good. Ambition. But if it is for the Red Flag H9, it can give you a relaxed, comfortable ride experience. After all, in addition to the rear seats can be adjusted to you most, the power of motivation is also very smooth.

The chassis suspension, the red flag H9 is equally worthy of approval, its suspension is a soft toughness So the ride can feel in the back row, which can give you a certain thickness other than the comfort. In addition, when the undulating road, there will be no obvious impression in the Hongqi H9 cars, which can be said that it will not be shocked. As for NVH performance, the red flag H9 is not disappointing, the engine noise and the suppression of the tire noise have achieved a medium level, which brings a high-level quiet driving atmosphere.

First, the Hongqi H9 I test drive is 2020 2.0T Zhilian flag, that is, 3.0 T v6 Mechanical boost that version. The reason why the red flag H9 will be very easy, because it does not biased the powerful power of power like other 3.0T models. In other words, even if you please come to a novice driver to open the red flag H9 you bought back, he is also very easy to get started.

Maybe you will now say, 3.0T V6, how do you have to give me extremely powerful?Power, of course, there is still less cracking engine sound. Sorry, the red flag H9 really doesn’t matter, because its shape has been done, only to drive, naturally enjoy the eyes of the passers-by.

Although the red flag H9 can’t give extremely powerful power, it also provides oil production. Mode, comfort mode, standard mode, and sports mode. And if you switch to exercise mode, the red flag H9 will change the chance of sex, and the response of the elevator will become very active, and the power output is more powerful than the standard model.

In fact, the red flag H9 set 3.0T V6 machine supercharged engine + 7 speed double clutch gearbox, can be said It is salty and sweetened. In standard mode, the red flag H9 can continue to output power in the middle, and very linear. In addition, on the steering feedback of the steering wheel, the performance of the Hongqi H9 is very calm, whether it is a steering hand, and a good performance in terms of directivity. Moreover, the Hongqi H9 is equipped with a series of mainstream driving safety driving assistance systems, which also plays a key role in driving safety.

The manifestation of Hongqi H9 can be said to have handed over a satisfactory answer. In addition, in this price range, there is almost no Chinese brand car involved, in front of the Hongqi H9, both opportunities are also challenges, this “China’s flagship” can create more surprises for Chinese brands, we can’t help expect.

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