One go on the market in short supply, BYD DM-I really poked two major pain points?

Support for over 1.2 million kilometers, single charging can meet 600 kilometers of battery life, through stringent acupuncture test … BYD released in the blade battery last year, while torn the “battery safety” pain points, It has gained a favored and external order of other car companies, and the influence is self-evident.

Blade battery

In 2021, BYD launched the latest product-DM-I mixed platform for DM series, and based on this platform There are already three models, which are listed, respectively, BYD Qin Plus DM-I (Guide Price: 10.58-14.58 million), Song Plus DM-I (Guide Price: 14.68-1698) and Tang DM-I (18.98-21.68 Wan). At present, this DM-I technology architecture has influenced non-ferrous cells last year.

Qin Plus DM-I

Song Plus DM-I

[ 123] Tang DM-I

With the listing of three products, DM-I products have also been delivered. It is reported that the current delivery cycle is more tense, in two months, big capacity delivery should be at the end of June. Why is BYD DM-I to go public, will it be in short? In the view of the novel, the most important reason is that it stamed two “pain points” of the current plug-in mixing model. How to say? Today, I’m talking to the holidays, and I’m chatting with everyone.

pain point 1: Loss oil consumption

For the three DM-I models of BYD, from all aspects of data, the most subversive, the main cognition is mainly “100 kilometers loss “On the fuel consumption”, it is not charged for a long time. In fact, from the feedback from most of the owners, plugging is not inserted with the car.

However, everyone knows that many plug-in models have a “pain point”, although their Industry and Information Technology fuel consumptionBoth are as low as 100 kilometers or less, it seems that the thief can save oil, can go to the loss, the fuel consumption will rise, even higher than the pure fuel version, completely reflecting the low energy consumption of new energy models Features.

How is the fuel consumption of the plug-in mixed model calculated herein? The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has its own calculation method, that is, integrated fuel consumption = (pure electric mileage Times; pure electric fuel consumption + 25 km Times; loss of electricity) / (pure electric mileage + 25 km).

Briefly, it will let the vehicle travel to the engine forced intervention in the mode of pure electricity, and then boil 25 kilometers. Then, then the 25 kilometers of oil will be removed in total mileage (mileage + 25 km).

As for why burning oil is only 25 km? The explanation of the official is “the average mileage” between the assumptions of the energy storage device. It means that when the car is out of power, this calculation method will look for charging stations by default, and is also limited to 25 km.

Obviously, this calculation method does not take into account the habit of the owner’s long-term incompusement. So back to BYD DM-I, which released the fuel consumption is the data you opened by the plug model as a pure fuel car, and there is no so-called 25-kilometer limited, more in line with everyone’s actual car habit, and fuel consumption The fuel truck in the same level is indeed lower.

How does BYD achieve lower loss of power? The secret is hidden on the three core components of DM-I. The first is the 云 插 专用 1.5L and 1.5T engine, although there is no color in power and torque, but also high compression ratio and high heat efficiency .

The second is a EHS-mixing system that matches the engine, the system There is a dual motor, one is a motor responsible for power generation, and the other is a motor that drives the wheels.

The third is a mixed special power type blade battery, which in addition to providing the ability to supply the drive motor, and can also store the energy released by the engine.

When the vehicle is low, the three cores will cooperate together, and three drive patterns are produced according to the actual situation.

1, when the medium is low, the engine works, but does not directly drive the vehicle, but drives the generator to power generation, and then mix the energy to the drive motor together to the drive motor, similar to the ideal one. 2, after the speed is gradually, the engine and the drive motor are involved in the vehicle drive. If the engine is driven while driving the wheel, it produces a surplus electrical energy, and charging the battery pack.

3, when the speed reaches a certain extent, such as high-speed overtaking, the engine will participate directly in the drive vehicle.

In general, the mixing system of BYD DM-I is to make the engine work less and mix the motor. Even if the engine works, it is also mainly engaged with the motor to drive together, and a large extent avoiding individual operations, thereby improving the fuel economy during the loss.

Pain 2: Fast charge

It is well known that most of the pure tram types on the market provide two kinds of fast charge and slow charge. The charging mode is charged for direct current mode, and the latter is charging.

However, it is also the same as a new energy, but it is generally not equipped with fast charge, only oneSlow charge.

As in it, some people say that the battery capacity of the plug-in mixing model is too small based on safety considerations. Power DC fast charge, easy to cause thermal out of control. It is also said that it is based on cost consideration, which reduces a set of fast chargers, which are all boosted to help manufacturers save a lot of money.

The reason is temporarily untropy, saying that the plugging mix is ​​only charged, if you don’t want to lose money, The charging is diligent, and it can be slowly convinced that the efficiency is low. Take the BYD Tang DM as an example, according to 18.5kWh, charging power is 3.3kW, theoretically charged approximately 5.6 hours. If you use the 1.6kw portable charger, you will go to 11.5 hours.

Tang DM

Maybe you will say that the power of the public charging pile is larger, which can reduce charging time, but the fact is that the current market is slow The charging pile is much less than fast charge, so it is also quite carried out on the issue of “finding charging pile”. So since the slow charging efficiency is low, the plug model is not to be charged, so it is largely leading that the owner will give up charging and directly take the blow to make the fuel truck.

For this contradiction, BYD DM-I gives a fast-charged program, but is currently only on high-decline, ie Qin Plus 120km version, Song Plus 110km version, Don DM-I of 112km version. Among them, Qin Plus has two charging ports, and the right side is fast charge, and it can charge from 30% to 80 percentage electricity.

Qin PLUS DM-I charging port

Song Plus and Tang DM-I are only equipped with a slow charge, but they have one The fast-charger conversion port of the car is inserted when the fast charge is performed. What is needed here is that the transfer interface cannot be in the low-decline or BYD D.M The model is used.

Song PLUS DM-I (left), Tang DM-I (right)

Fast charge conversion port

Although the fast charge of the DM-I of BYD is currently limited to their own DM-I models, the influence is limited, but if consumers are warm, the other manufacturers may follow.

Write in the last

It is undeniable that the plug-in mixing model has its advantages, and can be green (except Beijing area), and some areas are unlimited, free of purchase tax However, there is no mileage compared to pure electric. However, from the sound volume, it is mixed with purely, this is the two major pain points that are torn with BYD DM-I, is close.

Image Source: Multiplication

With this unique technical route advantage, BYD really can refresh the game rules of traditional markets, accelerate plugging Mixed promotion process. The last, I want to ask everyone, if you don’t want to choose new energy, will you consider inserting? In addition to the above loss of electricity fuel consumption and fast charge, do you think that there is still something wrong with the plug-in mixing model? Welcome to “the” vehicle domain “, leave a message under the following review Zone, share your opinion.

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