One hundred zero acceleration is less than 4 seconds to accelerate faster than 911, Yuan-tert-talk new Audi RS 5

Audi’s RS 5 released a new two-door and four-door RS 5 Sportback. The new RS 5 also maintained the style RS 6 and RS 7 style, that is, wide-body styling, which it at first sight can be separated from the A5 area. In addition, in-line along is also designed with an air inlet this is to commemorate the 1984 classic Audi Sport quattro.

surrounding the front shape of the current model as compared to be adjusted, the lights, the new RS 5 can be optional laser lights, and the lights in the pattern has been adjusted.

body side still remains very low, body size, length and breadth of the new RS 5 were 4723/1866 / 1372mm, wheelbase 2766mm. Wheels, the standard is a 19-inch wheels, manufacturers offer three 20-inch wheels, black high gloss and matt bronze color. Brake also offers carbon fiber ceramic brakes as well as gray, blue and red brake calipers.


surrounding the part, using a large-size two exhaust pipes, the lower diffuser additional styling It has also been redesigned. Logo mark and the entire vehicle can be based on user needs, replace the black, the body color can be selected and the turbine blue tango two colors red, RS 5 and also the new use of carbon fiber roof, so that the vehicle weight is reduced by about 4 kg .

Inside, the selected materials to be more prominent characteristics of its own motion, the new standard RS 5 Alcantara movement of the seat, of course, may be optional Nappa leather seats.

configuration, the new RS 5 provides optional full LCD meter 12.3 inches, is also provided on the display RS pattern, the value of g can be provided like display, head-up display is also optional configuration. MMI multimedia system is equipped with 10.1-inch touch screen, if the optional MMI Navigation plus system, the display can also be seen by the longitudinal and lateral acceleration, the differential motion Quattro, tire pressure and tire temperature and other information.

in addition to the Coupe version two, four-door Sportback also with upgraded, appearance, gold rim more conspicuous than black feel. The overall shape is basically the same in size than the two-door four-door version of the length and wheelbase increased by 60mm, height increased 15mm.

power, the new RS 5 using 2.9T V6 twin-turbo engine, the maximum power of 450 horsepower (331 kW), the maximum torque of 600 Nm middot; m, 1900rpm can start from the maximum torque output.

is a table with their speed Tiptronic gearbox 8, and matching four-wheel drive system quattro. It 0-100km / h acceleration time of 3.9 seconds, the maximum speed of 280km / h. In terms of acceleration, the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 more than half a second faster. The car has been published in the European price, from 83,500 euros. The RS 5 cash in the domestic price of 869,800 yuan, the new and improved no big moves are coming into the country, it should also remain in the existing price.

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