One minute to read auto insurance, auto insurance how the combination “would be appropriate.”

When it comes to buying auto insurance is guilty of a lot of riders confused, what to buy auto insurance, auto insurance can not buy what?

there are so many car insurance for knowledgeable, people will buy, buying auto insurance is both to ensure that their property safe, cost-effective and cheap, then how should buy auto insurance was the most cost-effective? .

a strong insurance

later index: 100 Percent

for all owners

the state must buy, national unity fees, paid to others within the limits of liability, personal injury and property damage, but a lower amount of compensation, the maximum amount of compensation for death and disability of only 110,000, the maximum compensation for medical expenses only 10,000, the maximum compensation for property loss is only $ 2,000. .

2 commercial third party liability insurance

purchase index: 90 percentage

for All owners

need to pay high insurance payments borne by the owner of inadequate compensation, bodily injury and property damage. Limited to pay high insurance protection capabilities, it is difficult to cope with significant people injured accident, general or should buy third party liability insurance

3. The vehicle damage insurance

purchase index: 85 percentage

for all owners

loss of vehicle insurance is responsible for compensation due to natural disasters and accidents caused by the loss of their vehicle. This is the most important insurance auto insurance, from the general to scrape accident car crash, should be relied on to reduce losses. Spend much money was able to get great protection.

There are numerous situations caustic danger is not guaranteed, for example: spontaneous combustion vehicles, broken glass alone, body scratches, and the owner of the vehicle again by water and the like ignition engine damage. .

4 excluding special insurance deductible

later index: 80 Percent

each InsuranceAfter the accident, in accordance with the insurance policy you have to bear part of the losses, non-deductible insurance after the purchase, which is also part of the insurance company the whole package. .

5 whole car pilfer

purchase index: 60 percentage

the whole car payment to theft, robbery and vehicle losses, the maximum payment amount is the price after depreciation when the vehicle was robbery. Car tires, side mirror, stolen license plates and other parts of it are not paid range.

In addition, for the mortgage vehicles, part of the loan cooperative banks are mandated to buy pilfer, even if not mandatory or recommended mortgage owners to purchase pilfer. .

6 passengers seat liability insurance

purchase index: 50 percentage

paid car personal injury related medical expenses in the driver and passenger, the maximum compensation limit of the insured sum insured. .

7 spontaneous loss of insurance

later index: 35 Percent

paid by the vehicle line aging itself cause of the fire caused by the loss of the vehicle itself, the amount of compensation is not higher than the actual value of the vehicle depreciation

do not have to buy a new car-like spontaneous combustion risk, even if it really spontaneous combustion, is the responsibility of the manufacturers. Of course, there are also many spontaneous combustion risk need to pay attention. Due to personal conversion is not caused by spontaneous combustion of payment. In addition, due to the violation of personal security is not caused by the operation of pay, such as cigarette butts out of the fire her.

older vehicles, oil-prone circuit, buy peace of mind. .

8 glass breakage alone

later index: 30 Percent

payment vehicle windshield and window glass breaking occur alone (not including the lamp, mirror glass, glass window) loss.

9. The body scratches loss insurance

purchase index: 20 percentage

car was scraped rub is common for new cars and luxury cars, buy scratches insurance is more sensible choice, if occurred many times danger, cumulative amount of compensation. .

10 wading driving loss insurance

purchase index: 25 percentage

payment vehicle because it was flooded or wading silver cause engine damage repair costs.

insurance basic composition:

① basic protection type:

[123 ]

insurance composition: strong insurance, car damage.

Applies to: old car better driving skills or the owners

Features: modest cost, to protect the basic risks related claims occurred only get partial compensation.

② economic security of:

insurance combinations: to pay high insurance, car damage, three insurance, basic insurance non-deductible

applies to: novice and budget conscious riders

features: the most cost-effective, high risk car owners are most concerned about are guaranteed , the premium is not high. Insurance and practical.

③ best guarantee type:

insurance composition: strong insurance, car damage, three insurance, basic not deductible insurance, glass breakage alone, the whole car pilfer, scratches insurance

suitable for: premium car

characteristics: insured great value, but it is good value for money for luxury cars.

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