Only dare to look dare to open Cadillac CT5 in the end it is worthwhile to buy

after the country began to demand the implementation of six B emission standards, Cadillac thorough “fire” the one, but what is not the manufacturer of the hope really hard to say, after all, playing fracture half of the price of products sold, how used car It is not merely mediocre. While sales have a new breakthrough, but the ensuing complaints and Poor straight up, would not even consider before Cadillac owners now cheap, the results can not wait “cut the hand” to express his regret. But Cadillac, and cleaned after Brand in the second half is about to have a blockbuster new product and consumers meet. In fact, for such rhetoric, whether insiders or outsiders do not have any expectations, disappointed with the Cadillac brand is not a day for two days, but still wanted to see, TA in the end what can dig out the waves come.

Just today, the Cadillac brand new CT5 coming soon, although so She says, but in fact the car has reached the 4S shop. In North America, the car was artificially CTS is the successor model in the country, due to the ATS-L will be discontinued, but this time to introduce the CT5 is also seen as a substitute for TA’s successor. Whoever the successor or continuation of TA can not stop the pace of the market, is expected to sell for between 290,000 -34 million, or about pricing without any evaluation, local tyrants and affordable men’s standard never the same, but the TA competing products is standard Audi A4L, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-class, courage, but one sentence the old Cadillac owners can understand, in the end it is worthwhile to buy this car, “Cadillac on the subject are good cars, is their own tens of thousands of a drop all right. “

predecessor is awkward successor harder to go

When it comes to domestic and foreign car in two different models of the successor to the post, we have to mention that a CTS before the TA, many in the industry have expressed understanding of this fact, It is the new CTS, but why the country has become a ATS-L yet. In fact, there are also domestic original CTS, has 2004 years in China market, but only after a year of survival, CTS was discontinued, do not ask why, of course, is the main selling well, And why did not sell well, expensive maintenance, repair expensive, high fuel consumption , the prices of second-line and from the line want to jump, this is the Cadillac problems.

But Cadillac has not disheartened, 2008 way to import CTS again brought back, but also brought a par BBA’s CTS-V models, this thinking back to the market and is a net importer of cars should be some improvement, but I am sorry, Chinese consumers are not stupid, have introduced CTS several years, but total sales but only a few thousand units. Barely survived the 2014 CTS, has positioned itself the embarrassment and the price is extremely unreasonable problems exposed, eventually only three-digit annual sales, and finally once again leave the bleak.

Do you think Chinese consumers do not know cars do not buy it? Sorry, the original vehicle sales in the United States has only a few thousand units a year, may I ask, you have nothing to say.

over, but the Mercedes-Benz Cup but BMW

the size of a car’s announcement, a lot of spraying the child will be too good for this car, much stronger than the Mercedes-Benz BMW, what is your request big? Then how do you go to buy a bus, the greater. Appearance or major design language Cadillac, nothing to say, love is love, love is not hate. But the interior design, in fact, it is obvious that the flaw to the point, as the entry-luxury class sedan version, interior work with Mercedes-Benz C-Class is not fundamental ratio, it touches and performance-known BMW to compete at each other, but in the data on, but we can also see the 2947mm wheelbase than the BMW 3-series version of the long axis of 2961mm of data, at a disadvantage.

Guiche: In fact, Cadillac’s appearance is still very “luxury”, after all, is the president’s car Well, you can still attract the attention of consumers, but to now take off the “Network Red” after the coat, can only rely on price cuts in exchange for part of the sales of Cadillac, again and again out of the Chinese market, stumped you can not have a good product out? Have to get a bunch of garbage to be laughed at consumers do?

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