Only sell 156,000, Cabriolet open this cheap? Toyota: But this car is not a vegetarian!

the use of Toyota experience Toyota Gazoo Racing car on the racing department accumulated to a small convertible sports car Daihatsu Copen as the basis for reform and strengthening, and use Copen GR Sport car and were published in Japan, priced from 238 off ten thousand yen (about 156,000), the goal is to maximize the power performance Copen owned, while providing better ride feel and fun to drive.

amplified driving fun! Toyota Gazoo Racing strengthening Copen body rigidity and suspension system

Daihatsu’s Copen has always been representative of miniature convertible car, currently on the market to sell the 2014 launch of the second generation model in Japan, a small K-Car body meet the specification, Copen hardtop convertible mechanism has a motor, power is derived from the in-line 3-cylinder turbo engine 660c.c., with 5-speed manual or 7 having a function of speed shift CVT infinitely variable system.

and as the parent company of Toyota Daihatsu, Copen convertible to this small sports car, combined with the experience of Toyota Gazoo Racing on the racing field, Copen GR Sport launched in Japan, where the 5-speed manual model is priced at 2.435 million yen, CVT models for the 2.38 million yen.

Toyota said Copen GR Sport in order to satisfy both sides demand intense exercise driving and comfortable Mercedes-Benz as the goal for development, and to enhance body rigidity and optimized suspension system as the main focus. Rigid portion, Copen GR Sport chassis structure and adjustment rod hardened, and suspension spring damping cylinder set has changed, affixed to strengthen the tire and the road surface. In addition, Toyota Gazoo Racing also adjusted for the electro-hydraulic assisted steering system, so that the process of turning the steering wheel and vehicle dynamics can have more links.

Appearance section, Copen GR Sport put GR series cars common matrix grille below have more area honeycomb-like openings provide better heat dissipation tank, front and rear bumper spoilers were added to the design, it is put on wheels BBS forged parts, and the vehicle body embedded GR emblem ornaments status symbol. As the car seat configuration with two Recaro sports momo leather steering wheel, console with piano black-based carbon fiber trim create texture and motion atmosphere.

Dynamic aspects without making modifiers, still carrying the original 660c.c. Copen line 3-cylinder turbo engine, with 64 92N.m maximum horsepower and maximum torque, the transmission having five-speed manual and 7 CVT speed shift function optional system, where manual model with LSD limited slip differential.

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