Opened electric vehicles, how many proportion of owners, go back to the oil-fuel truck?

Recently, a research report on the University of California Davis, UC Davis, pointed out that about 20% of the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) owner and 18% pure electric (PEV) The owner exchanged the traditional fuel car. The biggest reason is that the convenience of charging is still to be strengthened.

This research report was published in Nature Energy Journal, with a total of more than 4,000 copies from California, or the PHEV or PEV owners of Zeng. SCOTT HARDMAN and GIL TAL have summarized the following points for several major influencing factors that exchange fuel vehicles.

    Unsatisfactory charging experience

  1. There are other fuel cars

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  3. There is no charging pile of Level 2 (240 volts) or more (compiled: this researcher refers to the AC Level 2 AC electric charge pile, using 240 volts, charge power 19.2kw The following)

    Reduce the number of vehicles in the home

  4. Women

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    Among them, the unsatisfactory charging experience and the need for charging piles in the home reflect the assembly problem of the charging network. Since the US electric vehicle sales are still in urban areas, it is inevitable that there is a lack of parking spaces, and the parking space cannot be built.

  6. Further, in the study, it also pointed out that the “back” rate of the owner is also different in different cars. The Tsela owner is the highest, and Fiat 500E owner Loyalty rateBe low. Unexpectedly, the proportion of female electric owners repurchased traditional fuel vehicles is higher than men, but no matter how different countries have caused gender, there is no reason.

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