Ou still long enough X7 really can obviously rely on but had to face with the strength

since the beginning of October is still a long Anou X7 listing, noise has not subsided. Just really free lifetime warranty and lifetime free basic maintenance of these ten heavy car gift, enough people scared out of his chin up. October 31, long ou still X7 build on the progress, held in Qingdao, a “generation of the popular long-ou still X7” as the theme of national media test drive. So, the demon Meier took the majority of users to see the car in the end what are the strength.

is so cute, like the power to send

long ou still X7 a “bionic natural” design concept, through the cloud Eagle Wings Aurora shadow paint the space, the elements of ice pupil wake-style LED lights integrated into the group and so on, won the 2019 international design Award CMF; ultra-wide-angle lens sky panoramic sunroof, lighting an area of ​​1.08㎡; fashion “true” two-tier instrument stage design, the only peer primary and secondary structure of the instrument panel operator level; the IML black panel, mirror unique sense of style, and the new Audi A8, Rover other processes the same.

In addition, long-ou still X7 Cockpit 360deg; soft care packages, all clad ultra-fiber leather seats space, first class grade comfortable ride feel. Has best in class comfort in the back, the back of each parcel are excellent, smooth and comfortable; completely flat rear floor, driving experience to take care of every passenger, the ride experience a sense of foot better.

Restore product real value

long ou still X7 with good color, good value, good control of the “new San Haosheng” advantage, allowing users to take the lead in the intelligent location-aware experience, feel the product value beyond expectations. Long ou still X7 with real material value for money, Seiko wisdom made the ultimate technology to create a product ingenuity, will put at 100,000 price range, the price range of 79,900 yuan -11.99 million, the creation of the People First price, called the “automobile industry millet.”

In addition to the materials used, as well as long ou still X7 1.5TGDI heart ten Chinese engine, chassis bis flexible connection design, the integrated electronic stability systems, automatic standard P speed automatic parking, LED headlights, suspension-type color touchEncyclopedia of six big-screen control system comes standard, establish quality SUV model.

on power, long ou still X7 equipped with 1.5T “Chinese Heart Ten Best Engines” class-leading power, shoulder to shoulder joint. Maximum power of 131kW, maximum torque 265N.m. 7DCT automatic transmission with a wet, bring a smooth comfortable ride and plenty of output power. By using high efficiency combustion technology, low friction and thermal management technology efficient integration achieve a lower fuel consumption, vehicle fuel consumption 7.4L.

Black & armed

In the test drive, to the demon Meier impressed me most is the long-ou still X7 LDW lane departure warning system, a pressure line for me this unconscious killers, this is really good news. As long as a little deviation, the steering wheel will be heard slight shake to remind motorists.

In addition to great boon lane departure warning, there is a novice driver –APA5.0 a key automatic parking system. The user simply start the vehicle automatic parking switch, or the use of mobile phones, and other keys outside the vehicle, to activate the automatic parking function, to completely take over the system during the vehicle, controlling the vehicle docking poise.

more leading face recognition system, monitoring driver fatigue and improve traffic safety. The system can also brush the face unlock the vehicle, when the vehicle lockout, off state, the owner of a door handle that is pressed to activate the face recognition function, even if the twins can be accurately identified. In addition to these, there are humane P starting speed automatic parking, 33 vibration solutions, at 40 NVH solutions, 100 percentage environmentally friendly materials, the “black technology” armed to the teeth.

Guiche: both the appearance and interior, power performance, the whole system as standard or smart science and technology, long ou still in self-X7 compact SUV already very competitive market. So good-looking, easy to drive and fun vehicles, 80,000 less than the starting price, become another “killer”, will undoubtedly shape the new car, “the ultimate price.”

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