Overbearing a car, 19 models Road, Chak cool 4000GT version

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Middle EDITION cool luze 4000 appearance still hardcore full front face with a large number of chrome decorated large banner formula chrome grille, very visual impact, chrome extends to the inside of the lamp set, so that both integrated throughout the front, a very high degree of recognition, aspects of light, it uses the LED crystal lens xenon lamp, very good lighting effects, but also with automatic headlight cleaning function. The front face of the GT chrome surround it looks very big movement, the same fog lights plus chrome trim, very delicate. 19, paragraph

4000 Cool Road, Chak body tall and mighty, powerful gas field. The car festooned with the body color of the original, very beautiful, door handles and rub strips at the bottom also uses chrome. Electric folding mirrors on both sides, the top is also equipped with a water flasher chrome trim. The car is equipped with 20-inch aluminum wheels, beside with aviation pedal, easy to get on and off passengers. After

Similarly rear plus chrome GT surrounded by large, very integrity, is mounted above a small tail, the extremely sporty, red lights taillights a high degree of recognition, power tailgate open is also very convenient. The car is also equipped with front and rear electric eye after the former 24.

Inside, the 19 models Toyota Ze cool way using the usual cherry wood interior with mahogany multifunction steering wheel, calm and reserved, in the control area with a large screen design, also added a modern, center armrest table is a hidden refrigerator, practicality is also very strong, in addition, the car also comes with a key to start, cruise control and automatic air conditioning and other functions independently of the front row, the price can be said It is very high. The car is velvet seats, more convenient care, ventilation and ride quality are good.

Power Configuration, 19 models Road, Chak cool 4000GT version with the old models and there is no difference, still uses a 4.0 L V6 engine, with 6AT manual gearbox, maximum horsepower of 275 and maximum torque of 390 cattle still middot; m

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